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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Finished: 28mm Waffen SS Supports 1


My normal "Paint Table Saturday" will be a "Paint Table Sunday" instead this weekend, rather than doing two posts today.

The first support elements for my Waffen SS platoon are done (apart from decals and finishing off the bases - those steps will wait until the whole force is painted.

Tripod MG42 Teams

The MG42s and some of the crew figures are from Warlord Games, with two extras from Artizan. I still need two more kneeling/prone figures to make these up to the 5 crew each for Chain of Command. Looking at the amount of space on the 60mm gun bases I could have put a third figure on each (and might think about doing so at some point, despite it being a bit of a PITA).

Forward Observer

This figure is actually from the Artizan snipers pack, but I decided to use him as a FOO.


This is another Artizan figure - he'll be joined by the test figure with Panzerfaust to make up a two man Panzerschreck team.

I'm reasonably pleased with how these have turned out. My camo "dotting" seems to have improved a bit, but the final wash step does tone down the green a fair amount. I'm thinking that perhaps I could do the "dotting" after that?


  1. Great work on all Tamsin, they look great.

  2. Painted many a zeltbahn only to have the nuln oil practically obscure all of the hard work! They look great. I'd experiment with a toned-down wash or apply the lighter green after, as you said.

    1. Thanks! I am thinning down the Strong Tone wash, but it does mute the green dots nevertheless. :)

  3. Those are very nice indeed, shading can dull figures no end, I tend to use a 50:50 mix of Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian medium, which gives the look I want...so long as it doesn't pool anywhere!!!

    1. Cheers! I'm using Strong tone thinned down to 1/3 strength. :)

  4. Late to the party as usual...but Oooo their nice. Good tip about the shading btw, I always struggle to get that right.