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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Finished: First 12 Figures for Waffen SS Core Platoon


As predicted, varnishing these had to wait until today. These are the first figures for my core platoon, so are in autumn Oak Leaf pattern camo.

Platoon HQ Group

The platoon HQ group in Chain of command consists of a senior leader (as these are SS, a Scharfuhrer or Unterscharfuhrer) and a two-man Panzerschreck team.

Junior Leaders

These are the squad leaders, either Unterscharfuhrer or Rottenfuhrer.

MG 42 Teams


Assistant Gunners

For infantry platoons I need three MG42 teams; for Panzergrenadier platoons I need six. 

All of these figures are from Artizan.

I'm still waiting for the "reinforcements" to arrive from The Assault Group. Until they arrive and I can sort out which riflemen and MG42 team figures will be going to the core platoon and support squad, I only have a few figures which I can paint - I'll be starting on them tomorrow. I might have to resort to assembling some of the vehicular supports.