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Saturday, 25 September 2021

Paint Table Saturday 25 September


I haven't got anything being painted at the moment, as you can tell from the photo above, but do have a couple of things going on.

The baggies in the box at the back are some 15mm Korean and Ming Chinese figures that I am in the middle of prepping.

The larger baggies contain bits of stick that I have cut up today to make a couple of wide log bridges for vehicles. I don't currently have enough of the linen thread to do the lashings, but have just ordered some off Amazon - they should arrive tomorrow. I might need to cut some more bits of stick when I can see how the project is going.


  1. Lot's of cool stuff to come Tamsin.

  2. Hi Tamsin!
    Are you OK? It's been over a week and you haven't posted anything. Your jungle bridges look great. There was something similar constructed by the German engineers towards the conclusion of an excellent movie entitled The Final Stand. The footbridge was right at the level of the top of the stream and was pushed forward from the store. I do recommend this film very highly.
    All the best. Stay well.
    Jerry Lannigan

  3. @ Dave - sorry for the late reply. Yes, plenty of cool stuff to come! :)

    @ Jerry - I'm fine, I just didn't have anything to post until today. I'll see if I can find that movie online somewhere. :)