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Saturday, 18 September 2021

Paint Table Saturday 18 September


As you can see, I have made some good progress on the log bridges. Most of it has been done today - I finally knuckled down and did the lashings. 

The thread has been reinforced with thin superglue. That should harden it and prevent the ends fraying.

It turned out that I did have enough linen thread for these, but I will need some more as I plan to do a vehicle-width bridge (or maybe two) as well.

I decided this afternoon to do a rough-and-ready "trunks laid across the stream" type bridge as well. I glued some 10mm blue foam onto oval bases, then shaped the foam with my hot-wire cutter and a sanding block. I then scooped out a recess on each piece using the hot-knife for the logs to sit in.

Tomorrow I will be seating various log bits onto the bases with brown frame sealant. On Monday I will add some basing texture and might think about adding some small jungle plants.


  1. Great work on the bridges Tamsin, the lashings look excellent. For some reason I had in my head a rope bridge, which I was wondering how you were going to balance models on it, this makes a lot more sense now ! LOL What can I say I'm getting old

  2. @ Dave - thanks! I might do a rope/wire bridge at some point, but not this time! :)

    @ Herkybird - I will, I will! :)