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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Finished: Jungle Buildings


Well, finished for now. At some point I will probably add some tufts to the bases and I also need to glue the buildings onto their bases (the roofs will be kept as removable for access to the interiors). I was tempted to leave the more elevated buildings unglued to allow figures to be placed underneath the decking, but I did a couple of tests and there isn't quite enough headroom for kneeling figures.

Also, like you if you had read my post yesterday, I am pleasantly surprised to have these finished today.

Plantation Buildings

For my plantation complex, I wanted a slightly more "modern" feel to the buildings so I opted for corrugated iron cladding for the roofs and the walls of the barn. That didn't make sense for the tool shed though as the roof is flat, so I used fine grit sandpaper to simulate tar strips.

This "complex" could also work for a miner's/prospector's base.

Planter's Lodge

Tool Shed


I believe this shelter was inspired by the Airfix kit. I'm not sure what purpose it serves on the plantation - perhaps a shelter away from the complex?

Water Tank


At some point I need to make up some bamboo tables and sculpt some coconuts and banana bunches to go in here.

All of these are from Sarissa Precision apart from the barn which is from Charlie Foxtrot Models.

The Village

I decided to thatch all of the village buildings. If you look back to earlier posts, you will see that I used towel strips for this. I should, perhaps, have tried it out first on one building but in my own inimitable style opted just to go for it and do them all at once. Had I been more sensible I might have achieved a better result, but they do still look good. I have learned a few lessons for if I do any thatched buildings in future:

  1. Soak the strips in diluted PVA before adding them to the roofs (you still need to coat the roofs with undiluted PVA).
  2. Make sure all the strips have the loops going the same way - down for a neat look, up for a rough look.
  3. For the ridge strips, cut the towel at 90 degrees to the main strips
  4. Cut the strips at least an inch longer than they need to be.

Village Huts

The first hut is from Warbases, the rest are from Sarissa Precision.

Big Hut

This one was from Warbases. The laser etched "woven palm" detail was not very deep, which meant that it doesn't really show through as well as it should, and it got filled too much for washes to help re-define it.

Village Community House

I only too a photo from one long side as the other is identical (apart from static grass pattern).

this was another Sarissa Precision kit.

Colonial Residence

I imagine this as the domicile of a team of missionaries or maybe a wealthy planter or miner.

This was also a Sarissa Precision kit.

I think that's enough buildings for me to be going on with. I might get some more of the village huts at some point and I have made a note of how I painted these for future additions.

Now I need to work out what I want to do next. I think I might have a go at making some log bridges for my jungle collection.


  1. Wonderful work on all the buildings Tamsin, like the colours used and the towel thatch has turned out really well, and thank's for the tips on using it.

  2. Your roofing has worked out fantastic. I particularly like the corrugated metal and the tar paper on the tool shed- very effective. I tried experimenting with some broad leaf thatch on the same Sarissa building but it did not turn out as nice as I was hoping.

  3. This is such a great series of blog posts. Worthy of turning into an article for a magazine, or book: Tamsin's Guide to Jungle terrain and Villages; but that would be a lot of work and the reward insufficient to that gained from owning and playing with what you've achieved.

    Outstanding job.

  4. @ Dave - thanks! I'm quite pleased with how the thatch had come out. :)

    @ Codsticker - cheers! I did think about broad leaf thatch, but decided against it. A couple of years back I did the roofs of a couple of buildings with card "shingles". :)

    @ Ray - thanks! :)

    @ Neil - cheers! :)

    @ Ashley - thanks! It would be a rather short article or book - "Watch Mel The Terrain Tutor's vids and read Lardy Rich's blog posts - that's where I got most of my ideas and techniques from." ! :D