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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Paint Table Saturday 24 July


It might not look like much, but those bases are what is on my workbench right now. There is a good reason for that - I've been away on Dartmoor for the past few days getting sunburn and bitten by horseflies on the sunburn.

Tomorrow, once I've caught up on various things from last week, I will start adding plastic plant bits to them. Mostly large ferns as these will be inserts for the swamp terrain bases.

An hour or so after doing last Saturday's post I took a look at the water effects on the swamp bases and started to get a bit worried:

It looked as though the water effects had reacted with something in the swamp gunk around the edges. The next morning it looked a little better, but as I was heading off for a few days, there wasn't anything I could do except to hope for the best. Luckily when I checked them on returnign home today it had all cleared:

While I was away, the extra 500 bamboo stems I'd ordered had arrived:

Once I've finished work on the swamp terrain, I will be finishing off the bamboo thickets. I'll start with the two bases that I ran out of stems for, and then do the extra bases that won't have paths.

That should keep me fairly busy for the next week or so.


  1. Look forward to seeing how you approach the bases Tamsin, the opaque effect around the waters edge reminded me of the scum you sometimes see around such water pools, but where they have cleared no need to worry about that.
    Hope the sunburn and bites ease soon for you, looked like you were all having fun from the pictures on Facebook

  2. Good to know you are getting some time away from the flat! Sad the local wildlife was 'bugging you'!

  3. @ Dave - I will admit I was worried that I might have to scrape the water effects off and try another type, but it worked out with time. Dartmoor was good fun, but the trip had a serious purpose - scattering some of my Dad's ashes in places he loved. :)

    @ Herkybird - it was nice to get out of London and to have some good weather down there for once! :)