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Saturday, 10 July 2021

Paint Table Saturday 10 July


Today I have mostly been painting the bottoms of terrain bases. As you can see from the photo above, quite a few of them. They are now ready to go when I need them. Last night I got the trees bases painted, top and bottom:

These trees bases are from Charlie Foxtrot Models. The larger ones are for 70mm bases, the smaller ones for 50mm bases. 

I also glued 5mm blue foam squares to some 50mm and 70mm round bases, and some terrain bases onto sheets of 5mm blue foam:

This evening I have used my hotwire cutter to cut out the terrain bases and to bevel the edges of those and the round bases:

Since taking those photos I have sanded down the bevels. The round bases will have trees added at some point, the terrain bases will be for additional kunai grass and bamboo thickets.

Tomorrow I will probably be working on the "chunky trunk" palm trees, to get them done. After that I will be tarting up various pine and deciduous trees.


  1. Great work Tamsin, your on fire at the moment

    1. I'd hardly describe slapping a couple of layers of brown emulsion paint onto MDF bases as "great work". Stakanovite work might be a better term. :)

    2. Greatness starts with the most simple steps ! LOL