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Monday, 3 May 2021

Podcast #77 - "Why Are We Waiting..."

 Episode #77 of the Madaxeman podcast was recorded last Monday and published on Friday. We had been hoping that everyone would have received their brand spanking new copies of V4 of Art de la Guerre and that we would be able to have an informed discussion of the changes. However, printing/shipping delays and then Customs delays (thanks, Brexit!) combined to make that impossible.

Nonetheless we did persevere and have some discussion of the changes that the author talked about on someone's blog. That segment replaces (the yet to be complained about by our listener) "I'm Sorry, I Think You're An Arse" for this episode.

The ADLG segment is sandwiched between the usual ramblings about what we have all been painting and Andy's Quiz.

NB - the rulebooks have arrived at North Star and they have started posting them out. Hopefully we will all have received our copies in good time to have read them and have a vaguely informed discussion by the time we record the next episode.

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