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Friday, 7 May 2021

Finished: 20mm Containers and Skips


At last, they're done. I did take things slow and steady on these as I'm not in any rush to get things done at the moment.

The Skips

The Containers

These are 20mm from "The Scene" and will be used for Gaslands, Car Wars, etc.

I did finally make it into central London yesterday to do a bit of shopping. 

As well as the mountboard, I also picked up some grey XPS to try out, some rock moulds and  some "Keramistone" (air-drying clay with a grit texture).

Now that I have the A3 mountboard I will be able to base the foam hills I cut out last week. I decided against doing that today in favour of a thorough cleaning my brushes and airbrushes.


  1. Great work on the containers and skips Tamsin, and those moulds have some great texture to them

  2. You have got a very realistic looking lot of containers and skips there! I think the time you took doing them has made your painting standard even better than its usual fantastic!

  3. @ Dave - cheers! I'm looking forward to trying out the moulds. :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! They did come out rather well. :)

  4. They all look fabulously weathered especially the cargo containers.