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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Paint Table Saturday 24 April


I've made a surprisingly good start on the first batch of Polish paras - I've only got the metals and bases left to paint. I should be able to get that done tonight and have them varnished tomorrow. That will allow me to make a good start on the second batch and hopefully have them finished on Monday.

I won't be doing a "finished" post until both batches are complete.

I'm not sure what will be hitting the table after these. Maybe some terrain?


  1. Well you certainly didn't waste any time on these Tamsin, and up to your usual high standard.
    What genre will the scenery be for ?

  2. Its good to see some Polish troops, they are seriously underserved by most wargamers. I look forward to the pics when they are finished!

  3. Great start... looking forward to seeing the finished section.

  4. @ Dave - thanks! If I do go for terrain, it will either be some hedges or some shipping containers. :)

    @ Herkybird - that could be because (1939 aside) they fought in British kit, so you can just use normal British troops for them. The paras are the exception as they wore their berets in a different style (and colour). :)

    @ Stuart - cheers! :)

  5. Hi Tamsin,
    Nice work! What color did you decide to use for the Polish berets? When I am working on my 28 mm Polish airborne I've used neutral gray from Vallejo. Also in 28 mm there is a wonderful casting of General Sosibowski and darned if he doesn't look like Gene Hackman.

    1. Hi Jerry,
      I started with Vallejo Dark Grey then highlighted by adding Light Grey.
      Is that the Stoessi's Heroes figure you are talking about?