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Friday, 16 April 2021

Finished: US Para Supports


I could (and probably should) have posted these yesterday, but I got a bit caught up doing other things. However, here they are now for you to admire or denigrate as you choose.

Tripod MG Team

The MG gunner and assistant are from Crusader, the rest of the group are Artizan. I'll be using them as either a .30 cal MMG or .50 cal HMG.

Assorted Supports and Jump Off Point

Jump Off Point

Medic and Engineer

Forward Observer and Sniper

These ones are all Artizan.

It occurred to me when I was taking these photos that I never took proper photos of the test figures I painted a couple of weeks ago, so I took the opportunity to do just that.


Bazooka Teams

The BARs and Bazookas are all Artizan.

I should have the next batch finished and ready for posting tomorrow.


  1. What can I say....Fantastic!

  2. Wow! Awesome looking Paras, Tamsin. What do the hexagonal bases denote please? Specialist solo unit?

  3. Great support pieces and markers Tamsin, and the first unit looks great too

  4. @ Herkybird - thanks! :)

    @ Simon - cheers! :)
    I use square bases for "Junior Leaders" (squad leaders) and hex bases for "Senior Leaders" (platoon sergeants and officers) and certain specialists.

    @ Dave - thanks! :)

  5. Excellent work Tamsin! Superb work on these Paras.