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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Finished: US Para Rifle Squad 2

So, that's another  twelve figures finished in quick time.

Squad Sergeant:

LMG Team:

There seems to be a casting issue with the LMG assistant. On this one, the left foot seems to have been damaged; on the one from the other pack the left side of the face was miscast. I didn't notice the foot on this one until I came to paint the boots.

Rifle Team:

With the HQ Team, 60mm Mortar Squad and two Rifle squads painted that makes the whole of the first platoon, so here is a photo of them all together:

Before I move on to the second platoon, I've decided to paint up some support elements:

The front row are a tripod MG team; the back row includes a medic & casualty as a Jump Off Point marker, a sniper, a medic, an engineer with demolition charges and a radioman who will be a Forward Observer.

As it's my birthday today (the second in "lockdown") I'm taking things fairly easy and I won't have this batch of figures finished quite as quickly.


  1. Hope you have a great birthday Tamsin, and the first platoon looks excellent, the support elements sound great and look forward to seeing them done, once you've finished eating your Birthday cake

  2. Have a wonderful and Happy Birthday. Your US paras look terrific and should make a nice force for table top play.

  3. Happy Birthday Tamsin! Enjoy going shopping tomorrow as a reward for all your painting endeavors!- Great work in record time on Da Boyz!

  4. Fantastic work and Happy birthday

  5. Very nice Ñ`ly painted, should look great on the table. Happy birthday!!

  6. Very Nice
    Band of Brothers would be proud!

  7. Those are really great, I love them.

  8. Those look great Tamsin. What was the colour palette you used for Uniform and Ancills?

  9. @ Dave stone - thanks! I had a nicely relaxed birthday. :)

    @ Jerry - cheers! I think they probably need another rifle squad as support to be playable - two rifle squads is a bit weak and doesn't give much in the way of manoeuvre elements. :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! I'll wait a couple of days before hitting the shops - give the crowds a chance to die down a bit. :)

    @ Neil - cheers! :)

    @ Pancerni - thanks! :)

    @ Geordie - cheers! :)

    @ Peter - thanks! :)

    @ Carl - cheers! If you scroll back a couple of posts you will find my painting scheme for these. :)

    1. Hi again, I assume you don't mean 'Crowds die down' due to Covid? (LOL)

    2. Ha-ha! Yup, perhaps not the best phrasing on my part! :) lol