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Sunday, 22 January 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 33

I skipped posting last night because I wanted to concentrate on getting as much done on the Koreans as possible. I didn't get them even close to finished - I may have been somewhat overoptimistic given the number of figures I had to paint. That meant that I had a very long day of painting ahead of me today.

However, I did get them completed, took pics and submitted my post for the "East" bonus theme round with a few hours to spare.

This evening I've also added gunk to the Cossacks' bases:

Tomorrow they'll be drybrushed and flocked, photographed and submitted as my Monday entry. Aside form that, I plan to take the day off.

I haven't decided yet what to paint next. That's the trouble with having so many options available. It might be some more Seven Years War Russians, maybe some Korean regulars, or even some 6mm ACW or 28mm gangsters. Only time will tell.