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Saturday, 14 January 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 25

When I got home this evening, I looked at the cossacks and realised that the only way I'd be able to complete them for Monday would be to rush them and they would end up not looking as good as I'd want. So, I had a quick think about what else I had waiting to paint that could be completed in time for a Monday submission. I settled on the WW2 Soviet women, got the figures out, checked my painting notes and made a start:

I'm going to need to make up some tufts for them this weekend.

Tomorrow I'll be adding basing gunk to the hussars and carrying on with the Soviet women. As I have no plans for getting into WW2 gaming, I may end up offering these as one of the prizes in my draw. Or maybe they will tempt me into WW2 skirmish gaming.


  1. Dear Tamsin,
    So... you're actually "carrying on with the Soviet women." Sounds a bit racy for the sedate and mundane world of the blogosphere.

  2. Get into WW2 skirmish gaming Tamsin

  3. Good start and better decision not to rush the Cossack's. I just got mine in under the wire and enjoyed the final stages because I wanted to beat the deadline


  4. No plans... hmm .. I wonder if that plan will survive contact with the enemy,,,

  5. @ Celtic Curmudgeon - they forced me! I had no choice - they had guns and bayonets! ;)

    @ Simon J - Oi! Stop trying to lead me to the dark side! ;)

    @ Ian - cheers! However, I think your opinion of my decision may be tainted by a fear of me taking the lead in the SYW duel! ;)

    @ Dave D - I'm hoping they will... :)

  6. Nice progress. I really do like these figures I think the Assault Group figures might compliment this range nicely.