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Saturday, 7 January 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 19

Last night I did the washes and started the detailing on the grav vehicles, as well as sealing the sand/grit on the bases of the Nubians with PVA.

This morning I finished off painting the details on the grav vehicles, then sprayed them with matt varnish (I did the Nubians at the same time) then went over the lights with satin varnish. I also went over some details of the Nubians with satin and gloss varnish.

The holding rods were then slipped off the vehicles and turrets, and the turrets glued onto the tank hulls. I then put them onto their bases for a quick photography session, edited the pics and drafted the post for the "Armour" bonus round. They should get posted on the Challenge Bonus Theme blog tomorrow.

After that I set about adding tufts to the Nubians' bases (I've got a few left over). then I photographed the army, edited the pics and wrote the draft submission which should be posted on the Challenge blog on Monday.

With those out of the way, I had to decide what to work on next. I want at least one more entry on the main Challenge blog before starting work on my entry for the "East" bonus round. I also wanted to get some points on the board for one of my side duels, so out came some 7YW hussars. I made a start on the horses earlier this evening:

These will be the Novoserbskiy and Slavianoserbskiy regiments. Both were double strength regiments (10 squadrons) compared to the rest of the Russian cavalry (5 squadrons), and each had a 1st and 2nd regiment as well.

I might do a bit more work on them this evening, and will carry on tomorrow - I should be able to get them very near to finished if everything goes well.

On Monday there is likely to be a strike on London Underground - I've already agreed with my manager to take the day as leave if it goes ahead - that should help me get them finished quickly and make a start on something else.


  1. I'll be taking a look but I'm sure they'll be top notch as usual.

  2. Like your focus and stamina
    Keep it going :)

  3. Prolific! your projects are blasting ahead - last night I sat ate screen and watched other people paint on YouTube .... shame on me, because I did that the evening before as well. I now understand the technique for creating an ambush camouflage ... I just need to get down to doing it.

    One of the things I have taken from your posts is doing bigger batch prepping. I tend to prep in 16's or 18's, so once done their can be a too long lull in getting the next batch prepped, I think if I did bigger like you, then I would hit that 'wall' less often.

  4. Oh those regiments look big ! Side Duel Panic ūüėĀ

  5. @ Dannoc - cheers :)

    @ Geordie - thanks! :)

    @ Norm - cheers! I've just got into the habit of prepping and painting big batches. It definitely does make things quicker :)

    @ Ken - only 36 figures Ken! :)