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Sunday, 15 January 2017

AHPC7 - Challenge Day 26 Russian Women WIP Day 2

The Russian women are progressing nicely and I should finish painting them tomorrow. Just the belts, boots, metalwork, wood and red bits (epaulette trim, cap band and red stars) to do. Oh, and highlighting the hair and flesh. And drybrushing the bases.

WIP pic:

I also added basing gunk to the hussars this evening:

Tomorrow I'll be drybrushing that, then flocking them - I should be able to get the entry submitted sometime tomorrow.

I also need to make the tufts for the Russians tomorrow - the glue will need about 24 hours to cure enough to use them, so that entry will get submitted on Monday evening.


  1. Great stuff Tamsin. Really like the different colours on the Hussars, and those soviets are excellent too :-)

  2. All looking good - looks like comment no. 1 should be happy with your Russian women.

  3. Looking good. What is the "basing gunk"? Does it go straight onto the primed base or does something go on before it? Will you just flock/scatter/grass once the gunk is dry or do something else? I'm new to historical and am wondering how to bare lots of bases fast.. thank you!

  4. @ Simon - cheers! :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! I've removed that spam comment (that twat seems to be doing the rounds) so to prevent any confusion - your comment does NOT refer to Blax's comment! :)

    @ Francis - cheers m'dear! :)

    @ Scott - thanks! :)
    The basing gunk for the hussars is fine pumice gel with some brown ink added. It isn't a quick method - you may be best off doing the standard PVA, sand and grit method if you want quick. Once the gunk is dry, I dry-brush then add static grass.