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Sunday, 5 February 2023

AHPC XIII - 7th and 8th Submissions

 I decided to split my submissions over two posts this week.

Entry #7 - 15mm Gallic Cavalry

These are the ones that I didn't have time to do last week, so got carried over for submission this week.

Entry #8 - '80s Drow

For the "Fantasy" studio, I decided to paint up some early 1980s (pre-slotta) Citadel Drow. They'd been sitting unpainted in my collection for about 40 years, so it was about time they got some love.

I've got one more studio to do before plonking myself down in the Director's Chair and being given a fiendish task by the Show Lord; I suspect that task will be to crack on and paint the 28mm Type S scout Courier which was meant to be my main focus for this year's Challenge. As that job will take me several weeks, I will paint up a few odd figures each week, if only to have something to post.


  1. Great work on the cavalry, and very old Drow Tamsin, hope the Type S scout goes well, while you throw a few surprises in

  2. Superb cavalry Tamsin. I do like the Drow as well, the one holding the crossbow was one of the earliest figures I bought in a shop in one of Cardiffs arcades when at a Wales rugby match as a young lad. Seeing it again has brought back happy memories.

    Cheers. Meic

    1. Cheers! I'm not sure where I picked those Drow up - it may have been my local toy shop (which had a models section and carried some Citadel figures) or it could have been a Games Workshop store.