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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Paint Table Saturday 06 March & Podcast #69


You may recall that last Sunday I wrote that I should have the Confederate cavalry fully painted by this weekend provided there were no major distractions. I'm pretty sure that you (quite correctly) guessed that there would be distractions.

On Monday I received the download link for the PDF of "O Group", the new battalion level WW2 rules by David CR Brown (available from the Too Fat Lardies - I'd suggest waiting a week or two as they don't currently have stock of the MDF tokens). So, I had a good skim through the rules on Monday, before recording the latest episode of the Madaxeman Lockdown Podcast (see below). On Wednesday my physical copy arrived (minus the tokens as they'd run out - I understand the extra stock has been received and should be posted shortly):

Yes, I have been quite absorbed reading the rules and considering what scale to go for. There is a mad bit of me (just the one? Ed.) thinking of going 2mm as it matches the ground scale. The more sensible (these things are relative) is thinking 6mm or 10/12mm would be a better idea.

But that's enough of a diversion to discuss my distraction; back to the 6mm Confederate cavalry.

I have managed to get a reasonable amount done today and they are now at a point where I should be able to get the painting finished on Monday. All that's left to do is the wood, flesh, hair, black leather, metals and the guidons.

Lockdown Podcast


  1. Look forward to seeing the finished confederates next week Tamsin - any distractions ! LOL

  2. Distractions? shame on you lol