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Sunday, 21 March 2021

Paint Table Sunday 21 March

 When I said last Saturday that I should have everything from my 6mm ACW project painted, varnished and ready for basing by this weekend I am sure that you expected me to get distracted and fail. Well, you were partly right. 

I didn't get quite as far as planned, but this time it wasn't the result of distractions. It was actually due to feeling crap for a few days after my Covid vaccine. However, I have bounced back and got plenty done over the past few days.

The equine casualties, limber teams and horses for the dismounted cavalry were finished this morning.

On Friday I took advantage of good daylight to finish clean-up of my US Paras. I started gluing them onto bases yesterday, but didn't quite have enough 25mm squares for NCOs; I haven't glued the 60mm mortars and crews onto bases yet as I haven't decided quite how I want to do them.

I've placed an order for some more bases (an assortment of what I might need). While I was "splashing the cash" I also ordered some more foam trays and some more US Paras - looking at the Chain of Command list I realised that I would probably want another rifle ssquad as a support option. As the LMG teams come in packs of two it made sense to add enough riflemen, SMGs and carbines for two squads. Of course, as I have two 60mm mortar squads, that would actually give me enough for two full platoons if I also bought another command pack...

This afternoon I started work on the remaining 6mm ACW bits. I finished painting the gabions and cannonball piles and made a start on the human casualties...

...and I've gone on to do a bit more on them this evening. There's not much left to do - flesh, hair, boots, belts, muskets and equipment. I should be able to knock that out quite quickly tomorrow.

Tuesday will see me cleaning my brushes and paint table, then sorting out the bases for the figures (and digging out the basing materials I used previously). Wednesday should be a day of varnishing everything and Thursday should see me gluing the figures onto bases. I can then add the basing mix on Friday. All assuming there are no distractions, of course!


  1. Well done on getting over your jab side effects, I assume it was the Oxford Astrazenica one?
    Well done on catching up with all your figures!

  2. Sorry to hear your injection made you feel under the weather Tamsin, but great looking bounce back with all the work on the models

  3. @ Herkybird - thanks! It was the Pfizer-Biontech jab. :)

    @ Ray - I have been. :)

    @ Dave - cheers! Looking back, I think the crapness mid-week may have been the start of a cold, rather than effects of the vaccine. :)

  4. I hope that you feel better, Tamsin. My turn at a shot comes a week from today and I know little except that I had to make the appointment weeks ago. I have maintained a strict self-quarantine until the shot is actually administered. Taking your time when you are not feeling too well and slowing down your hobby efforts is a most sensible thing to do.