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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Paint Table Saturday 27 March plus Podcasts

Before getting onto the "Paint Table Saturday" part of this post, The goodies I mentioned ordering last Sunday have all arrived over the course of the week.

From North Star:

 From Warbases:

As you can see, I also bought some brushes to try out. I didn't take photos of the foam trays I'd ordered from Products For Wargamers because, let's face it, they're not really interesting enough to take photos of (well, not until they have figures in them).

6mm ACW Progress

Oh, yes, the real "meat" of this post. On Thursday I added the basing texture mix to all of the bases. As I was doing this, I realised when I got to the artillery and limber bases that ~I should have left the guns and limbers off. Fortunately I had only done one of each at that point, so I quickly removed the others - they'll be glued back on at the end.

I left them alone yesterday, to give the texture time to fully dry and adhere. Today I did the drybrushing:

The drybrushing step also acts to remove any loose grit and sand.

I'll be adding static grass to the bases tomorrow, then adding the guns and limbers back to the bases I'd removed them from. I'll need to dig out a couple of flags to add to some of the command bases.


I was remiss last week and forgot to post the podcast link. Which means you're getting two links today!

Last week's:


This week's:



  1. Great looking goodies Tamsin, understand about the foam trays, useful, but don't look that interesting without the models. The bases are looking good

  2. I LOVE basing! - it means I have some figures ready to play with and I can look forward to painting something new!

  3. It's nice to see the pictures of the ACW stuff after the mentions on the podcast. There's some ACW flags here if they're any use to you. All Confederate at the moment but I have some Federal flags ready for an upcoming blog post. If you need them get in touch.

    1. To get link hover over "some ACW flags" above and click away.

  4. @ Dave - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - it does represent that final step on a project and so gives a great feeling of completion. :)

    @ Martin - thanks! If everything goes well today, there should be close-up pics of them all by this evening.:)
    It looks as though Blogger has stripped out the flags link from your comment. Luckily I've found my stash of flags and just need to cut a couple out.

  5. Tamsin please my comment about the ACW flag link. You're right the html tag has been neutralised but it still underlines on hover.