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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Wednesday Workbench 24 March


It would appear that I have manged to get further along with things than I'd expected . I got the varnishing done today and have also got all the figures off the painting sticks and glued onto the bases. That means I will be able to start on the basing mix tomorrow, rather than on Friday.



Casualties, gabions and cannonball piles

Having painted all the casualties and gabions, I realised that I don't have room for them on the cavalry and artillery bases. I could, perhaps squeeze some casualties onto the mounted cavalry bases, but I suspect most will end up on the bases of future infantry additions (at some point I need to add some more to both armies).


  1. You could always put some casualties on loose bases and place them behind your advancing troops?
    Gabions would surely mostly be used in prepared positions/sieges, so could be on sub-bases in front of your guns?-if your rules allow of course!

  2. Wonderful work Tamsin, and hope you find a solution to your base problems

  3. @ Herkybird - I was thinking along the lines of using the casualties as battlefield scatter. Good idea about what to do with the gabions! :)

    @ Dave - cheers! :)