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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Saturday Workbench 25 November

Before cracking on with the workbench post, I came across this book in The Works while shopping this mornmg:

Before you ask, no I don't have plans to start on the Anglo-Zulu wars any time in the near future. It's just that it was a bargain and should be an interesting read.

But back to the meat of the post - the workbench update. I've taken the past few evenings off painting, so it was time to hit the brushes this afternoon. As I want to try to get all the Ming done before the Challenge kicks off, I grabbed out a few figures to work on. I've opted to finish off the medium cavalry first.

This afternoon I've started on the horses. Basecoats, manes, tails and points are done and they've been given a wash. I've added a few bays, a black and a white to add some variety to the duns. Later on this evening I'll probably do the white markings, eyes and if all goes well the leather bits. Otherwise they'll be done tomorrow.

These are for two units - the "blue hats" and "green hats". I might paint them all as one batch as there will still be a lot of colours in common.


  1. Thanks for the shout on the book - will call into my local 'Works' tomorrow.

  2. I am at the same stage with 2 Russian Kuirassier regiments! I bet you are finished long before I get mine table ready!

  3. The book is rather coincidental, given what I just posted about :-)
    Always wanted to go there. One day...

  4. Cool. I love the works for bargains like this. Great start to the cavalry.

  5. I love a good cheap book. Looks interesting!

  6. I do love a bargain, I shall have to look out for that one.

  7. oh dear... no plans .... but. .... maybe not this year... or even decade .. the seed is planted!

    1. Tamsin'll paint 40 redcoats, you paint the 4000 Zulus.

  8. Rorke's Drift is always a fun one to play or paint. It'll be interesting to see how Chris Peers' account differs from other tellings.

  9. @ Norm - you're welcome :)

    @ Herkybird - I quite possibly will ;)

    @ Paul - just spotted that. Pure coincidence :)

    @ Simon Q - it certainly is good for book bargains :)

    @ Millsy - it should be :)

    @ Michael A - who doesn't love a bargain? :)

    @ Dave D - not a conflict I fancy palying, but I am interested in the history :)

    @ Robert - as I haven't really read any other books on those battles I won't have anything to compare it to. It seems to be more of a guide to the battlefields [with some of the historical background] :)

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

  10. The book is an amazing read, I bought it a while back and was delighted by it. Happy reading Tamsin.

  11. Ha.. if you do ever visit the Natal battlefields, I strongly recommend you stay at Fugitives Drift with David Rattray's widow, purchase the CDs of 'Day of the Dead Moon', and walk the battlefields with a Zulu guide at least for Isandhlwana.

  12. But what about the guys who wear white hats? Too outre I guess... ;) Great work Tamsin!

  13. You know you want to paint thousands of Zulus really!