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Friday, 24 November 2017

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge "Ate"

Once again the Snowlord (Curt) has announced the Analogue Hobbies Paint Challenge. And this year it is going to be monstrous! I mean, just look at who the Wednesday minion is....

With seven prior Challenges, that makes this year's AHPC "Ate". In recognition of this, Curt has made the theme for Curtgeld and the final bonus theme round "monsters". 

As a previous entrant in at least four Challenges, I had a reserved place which I have gladly taken up. I've set myself a (for me) low target of 1300 points as I don't want to get caught up inside the hermitage like in previous years. This time I plan to get out gaming at least once a week.

I guess you want to know what I am planning to paint this time around. Well...

1. 15mm Sea Peoples - left over from last year and part of the reason for my lower target as I've got to paint the different colour patters on the kilts and armour.

2. 15mm Mongols - left over from last year

3. 6mm ACW - I have a load of cavalry, artillery and generals left over from last year

4. 28mm monster for Curtgeld (to be bought at some point)

5. 28mm pulp/gangsters - I've still got a lot left from last year and some new purchases

6. 28mm Jailbirds  characters - left over from last year

7. 28mm WW2 Russian Women - some additions purchased at Salute this year

8. 28mm WW2 Aussies - purchased a few weeks ago at SELWG

9. 28mm 2000AD figures - I purchased a few figures at Salute this year

10. 15mm Kra'Vak - bought at SELWG

11. 6mm SYW - purchased at Salute (with some later purchases) to paint up as "imaginations" forces

The first four are my priority and should get me close to my target. If I complete them with time in hand then I'll pick and choose from the others. 

This year won't be seeing any additions to my 15mm Seven Years War Russians, and (probably) no spaceships (although one of the bonus theme rounds is "flight" so maybe...Hmmmm, I do have all those Shapeways TIE fighters to paint- that's a few flights!)

Apart from the "monster" figure and essentials (paint, bases, stuff like that) I won't be making any purchases until it's over. No indeed, I will absolutely not be making any purch...ooh, shiny!

With just under a month to go to the start, I need to start clearing the decks in readiness. That means I need to try to get the rest of the Ming painted. And think about the bonus theme rounds and whether I want to do anything for them.


  1. Bring it on - looking forward to seeing your sea peoples. Might motivate me to get my 15mm chariot version done.

  2. That lot should keep you out of trouble.

  3. looks like you need a spreadsheet to keep track of all that stuff - just saying....

  4. may Dea Bona Fortuna bless your endeavors! Will you be doing your Aussies for the desert (bleached out khaki) or for the jungles (jungle green)? Are your Russian WWII women from Anne at Bad Squiddo? They paint up wonderfully, if so.
    Do you get to prime all of your work before the painting challenge begins?

  5. Nice selection of models to paint. Looking forward to seeing you in the arena!

  6. Looks like a full workload of goodness!

  7. Impressive variety of projects, Tamsin! Best wishes.

  8. That is an impressive set of projects lined up for this year. I shall be watching closely!

  9. @ Dannoc - Bring it on indeed! Hopefully my efforts with the Sea People will inspire you to do your own :)

    @ Michael A - you know it won't! ;)

    @ Miles - you and your bleedin' spreadsheets! I won't need one of those things to keep track of progress as I'll be able to see boxes filling up with painted figures and the trays of unpainted stuff emptying :)

    @ Jerry - many thanks! The Aussies are for the New Guinea theatre, so jungle green. the Soviet women are from Annie - I've painted some up before and they are very nice to paint. Yes, all figures can be primed ahead of the Challenge starting :)

    @ Lee - cheers! :)

    @ Dave - it sure does! :)

    @ Dean - it will be even more impressive if I manage to get more than the first five groups on the list painted :)

    @ Paul - thanks! :)

  10. Solid plans Tamsin and good luck. Looking forward to browsing this years entries.