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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Finished: 15mm Choson Korean Levy

In my post yesterday I said I'd done a quick paint of some other figures after finishing the Ming spear & dao unit. Well, here they are - three bases of Choson Korean levy troops.

These three bases are enough for ADLG, but for FoGR I'll need to add another 7 at least for FoGR as the units have to be 10-12 bases. Hmmm, maybe I need to order a couple more packs?

Short Workbench Update

All the figures which came in on Friday have now been prepped and washed. They just need to be stuck onto painting sticks (and riders onto horses) and primed. I'm now working on prepping some more Kra'Vak (the older, smaller figures - these can be "juveniles").

It's also possible that I placed an order with Timecast for the various packs I need to fill out my Ming Chinese army and to complete the Korean "levy" for FoGR.

As far as painting goes, I've started work on the Chinese porters and barrow-men for my Ming camp.


  1. The Koreans are shaping up to be a really nice looking army. Is there a full force shot so far?

  2. Great brush work. I wish I could produce as much good quality painted miniatures as yourself. Impressive as ever.

  3. Those look like Korean Guerrillas, I agree with Dannoc! I think you have made all the white look interesting, something I struggle with!

  4. @ Paul - cheers! I did do an army review in July 2016, but there have been a lot of additions since then. I might do another one once the rest of the new stuff is finished :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! The white is a thin coat of off-white over a patchy base of sky grey, with some staining from the Klear/ink coat - I find that gives a nice dirty-white look :)

    @ Michael - thanks! Well, it was only 18 figures with a very simple paint scheme :)

    @ Ray - cheers! :)