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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sunday Workbench 15 October

You've had a plethora of posts this week, so there isn't a huge amount to talk about today. I have finished painting the "red hat" cavalry, given them a Klear/ink coat, varnished them and stuck them onto their bases:

I'll be adding the basing texture shortly, then will finish the basing tomorrow night - if you're lucky that will mean a "finished" post tomorrow night.

Now that I have a good base of Ming troops for ADLG finished, I might take a break from them for a week or so and paint something else. I still have the various Seven Years War command groups that I owe people to paint up, so that will probably be what I go with - just a handful of figures, but they are all different nations (and in one case "imaginations") which means all different uniforms.

It's SELWG show next Sunday which I am likely to be going to - if I do there will be a couple of posts (pics of games, swag) from that rather than a Sunday Workbench.

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