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Sunday, 22 October 2017

SELWG 2017 - The Loot

I was in two minds about making the trip Sarrff ov tha rivva to the SELWG show at Crystal Palace last night, but I was feeling OK this morning (and not too late waking up) so I headed down despite knowing there were no trains and I'd have to face a long-ish bus ride from Brixton.

The bus ride turned out not to be as long as I'd feared and I got there at 10.30 with no need to queue. I started off with a tour of all the games to take pics (I'll be doing a separate post for those, posting tomorrow) before cracking on with shopping. I went with a short list and got all but two of the items on it (two Vallejo paints). And I may have purchased some things which weren't on the list. Oh, you know me too well - I did buy some things which weren't on my list, but they were all things which should have been on it. I did, however, manage to resist some temptations though.

The show itself seemed less busy than last year (which was less busy than 2015). A few regular traders were missing, but there were a few new ones to take their place. It was also evident that some of the games hadn't turned up.

I bumped into a large proportion of the CLWC membership at various times (including one at the bus stop in Brixton on the way down). I also met up with Ray, Big Lee and Postie for a good chinwag. I also had chats with Martin Goddard (Mr Peter Pig), Geoff from "Ham and Jam" a new terrain company and the ubiquitous Colonel Bill.

That's enough of an introductory burble though, on with the loot pics!

Products For Wargamers:

Essex Miniatures:

Some Chinese bearers and wheelbarrows to make up the camp for my Ming Chinese army.

Ground Zero Games:

I hadn't planned to buy anything from GZG, but it had been a few shows since I last made obeisance to the Evil Mr Tuffley so...after making the ritual sacrifice of cash I was granted a boon of a bunch of metal.

A Kra'Vak force for Gruntz:

Civilian power-suits:

I had a chat with Jon after making my purchases about what shiny temptations he has in the works. There will be even more new stuff released for Warfare next month and probably some more by the end of the year.

From Warlord Games and Ainsty:

WW2 Australians (Pacific theatre):

I think I mentioned a while back that I'd developed an interest in the New Guinea campaign, so I thought I'd pick up some figures to paint up. Ainsty only had the Artizan pack 2; I'll have to pick up pack 1 at some other time. I just need to get some of the Eureka figures to see how they fit with the Artizan and Warlord ones. These will give me a reasonable starter force (a short platoon) to be going on with.

Pulp Figures:
Also picked up from Ainsty, some packs I keep meaning (but forgetting) to buy:

The top two packs should make an interesting "gang" for Mad Dogs With Guns - Agents of Justice and Mysterious Masked Avengers. Boss McCoy's Office will probably become the Mayor; the 13th Precinct will boost the boys in blue.

Size comparison of Artizan and Warlord Aussies:

Artizan on left, Warlord on right

Artizan on left, Warlord on right
The Artizan are slightly shorter than the Warlord, but not so much that they can't be mixed.

That's it for today folks!


  1. Nice looking haul (of mostly essentials)

  2. Now that's a rather splendid haul Tamsin! Lots to keep you out of mischief. :)

  3. Fantastic haul, Tamsin. I keep thinking about making the trip to SELWG and these sorts of posts keep making me wish I had. Maybe next year?

  4. Great haul. You know every show I go to I take a list of paints and more than not don't come back with most.
    And did you learn anything from mr pig himself?

  5. Those Aussies look better mixed than alone I guess, despite the slight height difference, the build looks about the same so they will look like the normal variation of humans!
    Glad you had a good time at the show, well done for braving the bus!

  6. Great haul! Wish we had shows like this in easy distance on this side of the Atlantic...I'm sure my wallet is happy that we don't though!

  7. Nicely done ma'am.... that's a respectable haul. Good to see you as always.

  8. That's a great haul you got yourself there Tamsin! You could very easily use both sets of Aussies together!

  9. Some great loot there and its sounds like a great Hobby day out!

  10. @ Zabadak - *mostly*? They're all essential dammit! :)

    @ Martin - cheers! :)

    @ Michael - thanks! You'll be pleased to hear that it's nowhere near enough to keep me out of mischief :)

    @ Blax - cheers Simon! You should visit more shows; Warfare in reading next month is probably better than SELWG :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! My chat with Mr Peter Pig was more about digital cameras and how they helped with getting decent pics of games out there for people to see :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! The bus wasn't so bad and I'd had to do it 2 or 3 years back; if it had been tipping down then that's another matter :)

    @ Bill - thanks! :)

    @ Lee - cheers! :)

    @ Ray - thanks! They do seem a good match and the Artizan will add some variety; just need to wait until Fighting 15s get some of the Eureka ones to see how they match up :)

    @ Paul - cheers! It was a reasonable day out :)

    @ Steve - thanks! :)

  11. All goods buys and I have found the Warlord and Artizan ranges to be very mixable.

  12. Nice haul,what a lot of 28mm!
    Best Iain

  13. More stuff to do... Great haul!

  14. Great looking loot hall - will the figures be painted during a certain 3 months this coming winter?

  15. And, knowing you, these will be painted up and looking fantastic by New Years.

    How I envy fast painters. Fast and good is even worse. I am slow and decent. Emphasis on the slow. *grin*

    Looks like you had a good time and a nice loot haul, tho. Next time we come to the UK, I'll try to get in touch for another game, yeah?

  16. Nice haul! Really keen to see your New Guinea campaign. Eureka have done some lovely Aussies but your should also have a look at Wartime Miniatures.