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Monday, 8 August 2016

WIP SYW Russian Cavalry Day Two

Well, I haven't got quite as far today with the dragoons and horse grenadiers as I'd hoped. That's partly because I ordered some more flat pack furniture yesterday and it was delivered this morning. So I spent a couple of hours assembling the first two bookcases - one for my lounge the other for my hobby room. Then I did some painting. And then I spent a while shifting a shelving unit from my bedroom into my hobby room (after vacuuming off all the dust). I think I need to reposition it (and maybe remove the feet so that I can access the light switch and the double socket. Anyhoos, some pics of my (pre-sorting out) hobby room:

New case on the left

Painting desk

Organised chaos

Shelving unit finally out of bedroom

But back to the dragoons and horse grenadiers. Last night after washing the blue, I did the flesh, hair and breeches. Today I've done the carbine and flag staff wood, buff belts & gloves, red facings and the blanket rolls.

The next colour will be black - that's the tricornes, bows, stocks, boots, cartridge boxes, scabbards, drum trim and basing for the metals. I think you can see why I don't want to do that tonight. After that, everything should be quite quick and I do expect to finish these (including flags and varnishing) tomorrow.Moving onto the hussars will be a welcome relief!


  1. Cracking set up cailin, been working on my own today!

  2. That's not chaos, far too tidy! Making good progress with the painting though

  3. Another large bite of cavalry on your painting desk. I would be a little hesitant to sit at the desk with a shelf of paints looming precariously overhead.

  4. A nice neat set up ready for some nice neat work.

  5. I'm loving the smooth clean lines of the painting desk, organised and clean and then trying to imagine what it will look like come January! :)

  6. @ Francis - cheers! The setup is almost done; just a bunch of sorting to do :)

    @ Graham C - it may look neat and organised, but anyone else would have a hard job working out where things are. I know that I do most of the time ;)

    @ Jonathan - just the 36 right now. Plus 18 hussars, 3 hussar command and two wagons in the queue :)
    As for the shelves, I'm happy that they are very securely fixed to the wall and won't collapse - 4 vertical supports with 4x 3" screws each into an exterior wall :D

    @ Clint - it's only neat for now so that I don't have too much to clear away to take more pics for army and fleet reviews :)

    @ Michael A - I expect it will be complete chaos long before January ;)

  7. Must try harder to make more mess!

  8. I like your work space. So great to have one, I find.