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Sunday, 21 August 2016

SYW Russian Hussars, Hussar General and Wagons Roll!

Or maybe trundle.

Yes, I'm back from the wolds of Sussex and have flocked the bases since getting home. I guess you want the pics, don't you?

Group Shots:

Gruzinskiy Hussars:

Moldavskiy Hussars:

Or they could just as easily be the 1st or 2nd Novoserbskiy hussars, who wore exactly the same uniforms...

Hussar General:

Prince Aleksander Petroskiy is a very minor royal, something like 200th in line for the throne, so is allowed to risk his life on active military service as a general in the cavalry. As a young man who loves to cut a dash, he has modeled his flamboyant uniform on that of the hussars he has the pleasure of commanding. Apparently many of the young ladies at court have been known to swoon when he appears in uniform at balls...something to do with the tight breeches I am told.


Well, that's enough flamboyance and frippery - back down to earth with some elements of the artillery logistics train.

Yes, two wagons driven and escorted by members of the Fusilier regiments created from the remnants of the Observation Corps after it was disbanded. Of course, it was only when I went to do the flocking that I spotted that I'd painted the coats of the drivers in a slightly darker shade than the escorting fusiliers. It's hardly worth me going back over them now, but I will have to remember it for any future wagons. I should probably also buy and paint up some loads for these two conveyances.

As always, all the figures are 15mm from Essex


  1. Stunning work- the colours are lovely and vibrant without being over the top.



  2. Lovely hussars Tamsin. Very animated and colourful.

  3. Excellent and very nicely done.

  4. Lovely work Tamsin! I'm always impressed at he quality you can produce at top speed.

  5. Top notch hussars and wagons, congrats!

  6. Terrific stuff Tamsin! Love the wagon bases.

  7. Terrific stuff Tamsin! Love the wagon bases.

  8. @ Pete - cheers! I could perhaps have gone a touch brighter with the yellow, but it does look good as is :)

    @ Peter D - thanks! It's amazing the difference that a little bit of sword-arm bending can make to a unit of identical figures :)

    @ Paul R - cheers! :)

    @ Michael A - thanks m'Lord! :)

    @ Millsy - cheers! Not top speed with these though - the hussars took about 24-30 hours all told for 18 figures, mostly because I did multiple thin layers for the highlighting :)

    @ Phil - thanks! :)

    @ Curt - cheers Snowlord! :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! :)

  9. Very sharp work on the 15mm ruskies, Tamsin! I do wonder if you have an op4 planned for them yet or just rely on an opponent.
    I only ask as I've just scored some 7YW flats. I'll probably paint them up in the challenge, but I've yet to decide on unit and nationality. The more I look at them, the more I think I need some more for an op4...just in case! ;)

    1. Thanks David! :)

      No plans for an OpFor at the moment as there are a lot of players at the club, most of whom have Prussians. I have considered Ottomans or maybe Swedes for some border actions away from the SYW theatre.

      Good luck with the flats! I look forward to them appearing in the Challenge :)