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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Challenge Day 36 - Sunday Workbench

The Aztecs did make it in before the deadline - you can see them here.

These have taken my tally to 790 points, which is over halfway to my target of 1500 points. With eight weeks left to go, I can take things a little bit easier if I want to.

However, I haven't been idle today. First of all I undercoated some 6mm Reb artillery crews with Light Grey. I'll paint them up later in the week. As there are just 44 figures, they should only take an evening to finish.

In his comments on my Aztec post, Curt asked whether I'd be adding any geographically appropriate beasties to my collection. He mentioned jaguars - well, I don't actually have a jaguar miniature, but next in my Aztec crew for painting are four Jaguar Warriors. I've made a start on them and should only need an evening or two to finish them off.

I also took the opportunity to paint up two pumas (the big cats which aren't "big cats" - they don't qualify as they can't roar). They're just about finished - the bases need dry-brushing then it's varnish time and adding the herbal scatter.


  1. Lovely work Tamsin and a refreshing twist on the Frostgrave phenomena.

  2. Great work - Pumas = Jaguar to me despite the differences between an armored car and a sports sedan.

  3. Nice work on these Aztec warriors. I had a look at the Codex Mendoza and there is some very interesting stuff. I'm looking at more civilian type clothing but I think I've found a couple of good images for reference. I'm more an Addidas kind of guy than Puma.

  4. @ Ray - thanks old bean! :)

    @ DeanM - cheers! :)

    @ Curt - thanks! I didn't fancy the snowy city theme, and it gave me a good excuse to paint some Aztecs :)

    @ Miles - jaguars are a different species to pumas. Sadly for Mexicagrave, I don't think they had any SdKfz 232s at the time ;)

    @ Sean - thanks! I've only looked at pages of the Codex online - I should try to get hold of a translation for my collection. :)


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