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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Challenge Day 15 - Rebs Day 4

Aaarrrggghhh! I hate fiddly details on 6mm figures!

I'm at that frustrating stage of painting these where all the bitty stuff needs to be painted - belts, cross straps, scabbards, cartridge pouches, etc.

Earlier today I'd done the hats and kepis (I actually did the kepis and one of the 6 hat colours last night).

I have just spent nearly 3 hours painting belts, cross-straps and bayonet scabbards on half of the figures. I guess tomorrow I'll be doing the other half.


I guess I'll just have to make it one tiny detail per day, now that I'm going to be back at work. Why, oh why, oh why did I decide to do the whole lot in one go?

In separate news, by the time most of you read  Curt will have posted the Nostalgia bonus theme round entries on this blog. I think that my entry should be quite well received. I don't know if the voting for favourite entries will be open immediately - if it isn't don't forget to check back in later on and vote for whichever submissions you particularly liked.

EDIT: The posts and the poll are both up - click here to view them all.


  1. Well, you did choose 6mm....

    It can be a bit maddening can't it! I dislike doing straps at any scale

    good luck

    Perhaps a little rebel yell at the start of your next painting session is in order. It's sure to lighten your mood and scare the hell out of your neighbors. Both positives in my book.

  2. Good luck with those tinny soldiers

  3. Good luck with the rest of the belts, they look fantastic so far! I think doing them in one shot is better, otherwise you may never have come back to the rest out of frustration (I know I would)

  4. Don't know how you do it. And people always say 6mm is easier to paint. Ha!

  5. My Goodness!! Conclusion: The Mad Hatter is a rookie...

  6. That amount of work is a killer, great Nostalgia submission by the way!

  7. Try alcohol and loud music. It works for me :-)

  8. What you are not painting the eyes?! Call yourself a miniature painter, I bet you don't even have a dissecting microscope. And I bet that the smallest brush you own has 30 weasel bristles not 6.

  9. @ Miles - I know! Mind you, 616 of these chaps in 15mm or, heaven forbid, 28mm would have been insanity of the highest order! ;)

    @ Adam - thanks, I'll need it! :)

    @ Paul - the main reason for doing them in a job lot is to make it easier to get the variations in uniforms and accoutrements. But it is a very hard grind doing them all :o

    @ David C - well it is easier if you ignore the itsy bitsy details like belts, and if you don't do them in ginormous batches like this :)

    @ Michael A - where did they get them all? [music hall singalong commences...] ;)

    @ RMacedo - indeed, I'm terribly disappointed with how that apprentice of mine turned out :)

    @ Francis - I know it's a killer, but it will be worth it for the points bomb when they are done. Glad you liked my Nostalgia entry :)

    @ Millsy - now that explains a great deal about you. No wonder you became a GIMP! ;)

    @ chris - I'll have you know that I have a brush with a single eyelash from a baby otter! As fr the dissecting microscope, it's boxed up in the self-storage along with the electron microscope I use for painting the teeth on 2mm figures! ;)


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