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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Challenge Day 28 - Taking A Break

Well, sort of a break anyway. Just not doing anything quite so crazy as painting 616 x 6mm infantry figures in one fell swoop.

Speaking (well, writing) of little grey blobs, they're all finished and Curt posted them a few hours ago. Here's a teaser pic:

To see the full submission in all it's glory, you can follow this link. They've put me into the top 10, although I do expect to be pushed back out during the week.

As for the Aztecs I was painting, well, I wasn't happy with hoe the reds came out, so I'm going to start again on them. Luckily the paints I was using were all quite thin so I should be able to just give them a light spray of primer and restart the process without any loss of detail.

Apart from those four figures, I think I'm going to switch to 15mm this week and paint up my Righteous Army infantry contingent and a command stand for them. Just after lunch I gave the base edges a coat of thinned white craft paint (they didn't get covered when I spray-primed the figures). They should be a fairly quick paint.


  1. It all sounds good. I will be slowing down this week as I have terrain to make. I will still try to submit a few things though, you are warned!!

  2. Those all look cracking. They'll look grand on the tabletop during a game. Wish I'd gone 6mm now for ACW instead of 10mm.

  3. You're crazy Tamsin. I'm considering whether to do mine one or two bases at a time!

  4. My goodness you must relieved to see the back of these, fantastic effort.

  5. Well done, Tamsin! A fantastic group. I love the march column advancing at a diagonal!

  6. The top ten is starting to look a distant spec though I will get close for a hour or two.

    Great work on the rebs, I know all about needing that 6mm rest LOL



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