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Monday, 4 January 2016

Challenge Day 16 - Priming Stuff

This evening I couldn't face doing any work on the Rebs. As I also had a small joint of beef to roast (which I didn't get round to cooking yesterday) I needed something to do which would fit in around my kitchen visits.

Thinking about things, I decided to get out the spray booth and airbrush and prime some minis. First up were some cavalry for my 15mm Korean army; these were primed white. Then I primed a batch of eight 28mm Aztecs in grey. Somewhat surprisingly, the Vallejo grey surface primer is very pale, almost white.

As tomorrow is my duty day as Curt's adjudicating minion, and as SWMBO for about 14 of the participants (including Curt himself if he submits anything on a Tuesday!) I probably won't be in a position to do any more work on the Rebs until Wednesday at earliest.

There is also the fact that it would be nice to get some more points on the scoreboard to consider. I think I'll probably begin work on the Aztecs tomorrow, probably adding some filler material to the bases (which I should have done before priming the figures!). I'm thinking some larger grain ballast towards the centre with some smaller grain ballast toward the edges.

In other news, it appears that my entry for the Nostalgia bonus theme round is rather popular. I'm please about that given the amount of thought and effort involved in putting all the pieces together.


  1. Pleased to see the Koreans are getting some cavalry.

  2. I missed the deadline for my entry so will have to wait till next week for my score to move up much at all. Glad to see you moving onto other scales LOL


  3. @ David - the Koreans already have cavalry; these will be some reinforcements :)

    @ Ian - never fear, my Reb infantry will be appearing soon enough :)


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