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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Challenge Day 19 (Part 2) - Herbal Happenings

In my post this morning I promised pics of the stained herbs. Well, here's one for you:

Ink stained; unstained; paint stained
Both the ink and paint staining worked, although neither is a solid brown. In terms of the texture and ease of dealing with, the ink-stained is better - it's a bit softer and more crumbly. I may just need to dilute the ink less and/or leave the herbs in longer for future batches. For now, I've combined the two types and returned them to the jar.

I'm doing another batch tonight, this time of dried rosemary using more ink, this time a 3:1 mix of sepia and burnt umber. This will be to represent bits of wood.

I've also carried on with the Aztec grunts and finished painting them. Tomorrow night I'll varnish them and add basing scatter.

Ha! You don't get a close up at this stage!
I may also go back to the 6mm Rebs tomorrow and do the belts and straps on the other half, ready to finish them over the weekend. That will give me next week to do the basing and adding of flags (I guess I'd better start cutting some of those from the sheets).


  1. No close up eh? So what's that then? A "far away"?

  2. I have previously tried dried parsley on my bases, but the green (fresh) colour soon fades to a mucky brown.

    I should try staining it.

    Thanks for the prompt and good luck with the new batch.


  3. It's all looking far too calm on your work area!

  4. Busy busy busy? At least the troops will smell nice!

  5. @ Millsy - cheeky whatnot! :p

    @ Tony - well, they are vegetable matter, so they will go brown over time. I guess you are meaning to stain yours green? :)

    @ Michael A - I'm actually having to be disciplined with my desk at the moment. It's doing multiple jobs - paint table, computer desk and dining table. I can't wait until I get my living room back! :)

    @ Ray - they will indeed, for a while. My flat is currently filled with the aroma of the rosemary, as it dries out in the oven :)

    1. Looking forward to how the "wood" turns out. My trees just have brown bases and I want to improve them.


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