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Saturday, 6 October 2012

WIP: 30YW Extra Dragoons and Camp Bits

Well, with not being able to go to Derby/Donnington this weekend I was free to do a bit of painting. My concentration hasn't been brilliant from being ill, but I did get a decent amount done. The painting is finished, I'll do the Klear/ink coat later tonight then tomorrow I'll do the basing, matt spray varnish and flocking & tufting if all goes well.

Camp Bits:

The very Camp Marshall

What's next?

I guess the next bits for me to paint up will be the rest of the camp bits and the ambush markers (which can also be used as camp bits). After that it will be the extra pikemen and musketeers for upgrading the three 6-base foot regiments to 9 bases. And then I'll have to do a load more figure prep - 2 more artillery pieces, 2 more cuirassier regiments and then 3 units of "Croat" light horse.


  1. I really like those camp bits, so much character in those. The very Camp Marshall is pretty in pink!

    I should have known you'd not just lie about ill. Now put down that brush woman and take care of yourself!!

  2. Very nice the Marshall really stands out!

  3. Very nice work, I love the camp!

  4. I always find these 'Non-combat' types very hard to get to paint, but they do add a lot to the games!

    Poor you - it is the start of the nasty bug season!
    I hope you are feeling a lot better now!

  5. Thanks all!

    @ Anne - lie about ill? No way - I'm a woman, not a wimpy bloke! *lol*

    @ Herkybird - I think that having an interesting camp for whatever army you're using is a good thing to have. And it does make a good break from painting up yet more pikemen/musketeers/cuirassiers.