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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Back from SELWG 2012

I headed down to Crystal Palace this morning for SELWG 2012. The journey was frustratingly long in both directions as the Victoria Line was closed all weekend for engineering works, meaning I had to take 2 buses and a train each way, which gave a total travelling time of 5 hours there and back.

I did take quite a lot of photos - I need to resize them which will take a while, so I'll probably post them tomorrow night. My main impression was that the show was noticeably less busy than last year - fewer traders, fewer games and fewer punters. I'm guessing that could be down to the seeming lack of publicity for this year's show. However, I will say that the overall quality of the game tables was much higher than last year. There was some truly outstanding terrain on show.

I did manage to buy most of the things I was intending to, plus a couple of things that I spotted and remembered that I will need for a couple of projects.

I also managed to meet up with the Rejects (Ray, Fran, Postie and Big Lee) for some banter, plus Clint (Anything But A One blog) who had traveled up with them. Following my last post Fran gave me a specially anointed Rejects die - with instructions not to ask how it had been anointed or what with, and a further instruction not to lick it. Errmmmm, I put it in my pocket.

So, what did I purchase?
A bunch of UNSC, NAC and other goodies from GZG (including the new releases)
2 Osprey books I was after
Some Saga measuring sticks and fatigue tokens from Warbases
Some late dark ages buildings by 4Ground
Some 15mm resin buildings from Magister Militum
A pack of 28mm plastic Norman infantry from Conquest Games (I've previously bought a pack of their Norman knights)
Some 25x50mm lipped cavalry bases
Some Norman and Viking shield transfers from Battle Flag
A pack of 28mm plastic 100YW era European mercenary infantry by Perry - partly to grab the crossbows to use with the Normans, but also to paint up as a fun unit at some point
Some building accessories from GZG - that Jon Tuffley is an evil, evil purse-emptying  man I tell you *lol*

As I said earlier, pics will be posted tomorrow.


  1. Pity about the journey time! but at least you seem to have bagged some fun stuff to paint up!
    best wishes

  2. Glad you had a good day. Gutted I couldn't make it - it fell on one of a few days in the year I just could not do, under pain of death! Perhaps next year.

    I've been eyeing up the Perry Mercenaries, not sure what for, perhaps some Italian Wars large Skirmish (Saga scale ish). I'm just a sucker for Perry!

  3. Transport issues not withstanding, sounds like a great day out with lots of goodies to show for it!

  4. Grr! Missed SELWG too as I am off on a business trip on Tuesday and had too much to do today. Looking forward to the pictures.

  5. Doh. I missed this show, because the little one is sick :(

  6. Nice to see you again Tamsin and have a chat, you'll certainly be a busy girl with all your new goodies!!!

  7. Sounds like a great show and lots of goodies to. Oh Jon T is a very evil but equally nice man

  8. Nice to meet you on the day. You most certainly got a bigger haul then me. (I already have too much to finiish). Hope to see you at the next one, all the best Clint.
    Post script: thanks for the mention.

  9. Shame about the travel, but sounds like a good day out with lots of good stuff too.

  10. Yeh it was good to meet up, and thanks for the tips of where to get some bases for my Micro Armour...I'll be looking online this afternoon. It was a bit quieter this year but I agree the quality of the display games was top notch.

  11. @ Willie - the journey time was a bit much, but no more that it would have been for Colours, Warfare or Broadside. It would still have been about 3-4 hours both ways if the Victoria line had been running.

    @ Phyllion - I know what you mean. I can't do Warfare next month as it falls on my Dad's birthday weekend.

    @ Paul - it was a good day out

    @ Legatus - that's a bummer for you, but work does come before hobbies

    @ Seb - I hope the little Generalissima gets well soon

    @ Ray - yup, it was good to meet up and chat again. They should ensure that I'm kept busy for a few more months that I already would have been ;)

    @ PK - he is indeed a nice, evil man.

    @ CLint - great to meet you too. I've got too much in the lead (and resin and plastic) pile already, but I need to make up for 20 years of not accumulating stuff to paint!

    @ Fran - and never a chore!
    ps - hedges, hedges, hedges *grin*

    @ Rodger - lots of great games to look at there and good people to talk to which made it a great day out.

    @ Lee - definitely good to meet up with the Rejects again. For the bases - Tiny Tin Troops is the company I mentioned for the magnetic backed card sheets you can cut to appropriate sizes.

  12. Joiny out sucks, journey back = time to look at new shinny, though you could also do that with a brew at home. At least you got to ta one, would have been a double dip if you were not able to get to two shows in two weeks