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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Painting Etc

I managed to get a decent amount done today:

Camp/Ambush Pieces - sprayed with matt varnish; tufted; flocked. Finished!

Ambush markers

Supplies in the camp

Priests and monks praying for victory

Dark Ages Buildings - "thatch" coated with 50% PVA. It works quite well at making the fur simulate thatch. the buildings are almost finished - I just need to add the detailing (doors, windows etc).

Anglo-Dane Dwelling (28S-DAR-103)

Late Saxon/High Medieval Hovel (28S-DAR-102). The paler patch is where the glue hasn't completely dried yet.

These 2 buildings should do nicely for games of Saga. Assembly is quite easy

Croats - riders glued to horses; primed with gesso.

Next onto the bench will be the 24 cuirassiers, as they'll be a pretty quick bunch to finish. After that I'll do the artillery, then the foot and then the Croats. Once they are done, I think it's time to take a break from historicals and paint up some of the huge 15mm SF pile of got waiting.


  1. Nice work Tamsin. I like the thatch!

  2. Nice looking mini dioramas. Those sort of pieces realy add to a game.

  3. Great work Tamsin. Really like the way the thatch has work out, very effective. The camp and ambush stands etc are fantastic.

  4. Great terrain pieces Tamsin, I particularly like the ambush markers. As for the hovels - lovely thatch! ;)

  5. Nice work. The roof on the cottage looks great

  6. Very good, love the altar scene!

  7. Great work all over, I specially liked the monks

  8. A nice bunch there, love the ambush markers, may well have to copy that.


  9. Great work on the supply markers and the priests. I love those buildings what scale are they?

  10. Thanks all!

    @ Ian - well, I copied it from various other people ;)

    @ PK - the buildings are 28mm