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Thursday, 16 March 2023

Thursday Workbench 16 March 2023


I just realised that I'd completely forgotten to do my Wednesday Workbench post last night - better late than never!

I've finished painting the 3D printed figures you saw the other day, and they're varnished and stuck on acrylic bases (well, not the sitting and relaxing figures). On the workbench right now are a few whimsical bits that might become part of the story. At the time the photo was taken, they were waiting for the first round of washes. They've just had a second round, which completes the painting - I'll be varnishing them later on.

I'm still working on the backdrop boards. The 3D printed panels have been glued onto the wall boards; I'll be gluing on the extra bits this afternoon/evening. I'm just over halfway done on the floor board - I've still got two more print runs of floor panels to go; it should be ready for priming and painting tomorrow.


  1. Ah, an empty painting table! I remember it well!

    1. I try to keep it as clear as possible with just the current project on the table - it works for me! :)