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Saturday, 16 October 2021

Paint Table Saturday 16 October


I had a bad back at the start of the week which stopped me painting until Thursday - sitting still for long enough to apply brush to figures just wasn't an option. However, I've made good progress and over the past three days I have finished painting all of these:

...and started on these:

It does help that the 48 figures I've finished were quite simple paint schemes that I have done many, many times before. The 24 I'm working on now should also be quite quick to finish.

Tomorrow I will be going to SELWG 2021, my first show since SELWG 2019. It will be good to meet up with some people who I know will be going. I also have a small shopping list.


  1. Good to hear your back is feeling better, and great progress on the models. Hope you have a great time at the show