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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Paint Room Saturday; Ruling Supreme

Well, after having to recharge the drill battery twice (it's a light duty drill and I was drilling into an old chimney stack, so the charge depleted quite quickly) the shelves are finally fitted. Which meant it was time for the inevitable task of moving things into my new hobby/painting room. I've still got a lot more to move in over the next few days and sorting out where everything should go. Here are some pics of how it looks at the moment:

My original plan was to have the desk so that a short end would be under the wall shelves, but discovered that the old hearth is under the floor, right where one of the "feet" needed to go. If I'd known that before, I'd have gone for 120cm rather than 80cm shelves - maybe something to do in the future.

If you're wondering why I've draped my green gaming cloth over my painting desk, I've decided to use this opportunity to take pics of my various armies before homing them in these bookcases.

Most of the stuff here is only temporary
There's room for a third narrow bookcase next to these two - I'll probably need it!

I might do a bit of furniture rearrangement in the room once I've had a chance to settle in.

While I was waiting for the drill battery to recharge, I needed a quick project to work on. I decided it was time to put together one of the TT Combat buildings I bought at Salute this year. Having learnt from previous buildings I decided to do some of the painting first, particularly the interior, before assembly. Some pics of the finished building:

With all those criminal types around in Salutesville, the Supreme Court is going to be kept busy.

Conveniently it breaks down into four parts

Even more conveniently, the portico and steps fit inside for storage/transport.

There's still one part left to paint - the judge's pulpit/bench. I'm trying to decide on the colour scheme for it.

Tomorrow will see me securing the first set of bookcases to the walls in my lounge and fitting the shelves in them. Followed by photographing armies and homing them on the bookcases in my hobby/painting room.


  1. Yup, catalogue the armies before packing them away. Once away, you'll likely never get around to it for most of them. I know, 'cos I was there! :)

  2. What a great post and what a great step forward for your painting and gaming. I always found that being organised just eased things along so much more. Enjoy your space and good luck for the future.

  3. Looking good. There's nothing more inspiring than a new and organised environment for me. Hopefully you get the same buzz!

  4. Awesome painting area! I wish I could be even half as organized. The courthouse looks excellent, and should be a handy building to have.

  5. Justice has been restored. the building looks very good and I am sure the more Villainous of the city are now quaking.

    The painting area is just cool and groovy.

  6. Just a bit envious! Great job Tamsin, I'm really impressed not least because I have never dared put anything on shelves that I've put up!

  7. That supreme court is one lovely bit of kit. Just had a look at their website and there's some lovely stuff.

  8. Fantastic stuff! TT Combat kits are awesome! And the room...what can I say? It's so good I'm insanely jealous! Enjoy!

  9. Fantastic stuff! TT Combat kits are awesome! And the room...what can I say? It's so good I'm insanely jealous! Enjoy!

  10. Everything looks great. Those lights look similar to the ones we use. Are those OttLites?

  11. All looks exceedingly neat and well-organised - pretty tidy for a weekend's work, well done there!

  12. @ Francis - thanks! :)

    @ George - it's not so much cataloguing them as showing them off in all their (in)glory! :)

    @ Solo - thanks! Having a dedicated painting/hobby area is a step in the right direction, especially as it means I can move my armies, terrain and paraphernalia out of my bedroom! :)

    @ Martin C - cheers! :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! I'm not sure how inspiring it will be, but one can only hope :)

    @ Nobody667 - cheers! I think the Supreme Court will inspire some great gaming scenarios :)

    @ Clint - yup, Il Postino Diablo and his dastardly mob will get their just deserts [but not their desserts, except for prison jelly] ;)
    Glad you like my new hobby area :)

    @ Michael A - thanks m'Lord! I've gone with the belt and braces approach for these shelves and the brackets - more rails than I really need, long screws, fixed to masonry wall rather than plasterboard! :)

    @ Paul R - cheers! :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! They do have some great kits :)

    @ Stiubhart - cheers! It's nice to finally have a dedicated hobby room :)

    @ Whisk - thanks! The light on the left is made by Brackenheath; the other is by the Daylight Company :)

    @ Ev - cheers! I'm sure it won't take long for me to turn it into a disorganised mess ;)