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Friday, 22 July 2016

Army Review: Thirty Years War

Carrying on with this series, it's more 15mm goodness (mainly because I haven't got onto the 28s yet!). This time it's my Thirty Years War army. I deliberately chose not to paint them as a specific army and have left flags off so that they can be used as whichever army I choose.That's also the reason why I've painted most of the infantry as 9-base units - it allows me to use them as later tercios (9 bases), Swedish brigades (7 bases) or straight-up pike & shot units (6 bases) in FoGR.

I haven't subjected my bathroom scales to this army, but expect it to be quite close to the 12lbs of my NSL - there's a lot of densely packed foot and horse in this army.

Time for pics methinks:


Guns and Cuirassiers





Baggage elements

Artillery park


Blue foot regiments

Red foot regiments

Green foot regiments

Yellow foot regiment


Casualty/cohesion markers

All figures are from Donnington Ancient & Modern apart from one unit of cuirassiers which are from Old Glory 15s (a gift from Seb).

At the moment, this army does give me a lot of playable options, but there are still things I want to add. At some point I want to put together a Hungarian/Transylvanian allied contingent, but I can't see myself getting to that this year. Eventually I would like to add several more foot regiments and more generals and artillery so that I can put on some truly massive games at home or the club. I'f I ever do that, I'll almost certainly need to add more cavalry as well - this megalomania isn't easy I tell you!


  1. Hi Tamsin

    Nice review. That's a lot of work (& guns)!

    I've done the same as you and plan to change standards and command stands. I suspect mine might be a touch heavier as my horse are based in 4s: a hangover from my DBR days.

    I've just begun looking at a morph from Danes to early German Protestant but the spooky bit is I fancy some Transylvanian allies too.

  2. What a fantastic collection Tamsin. This is a period that has been tempting me for a while... posts like this are pushing me closer!

  3. Another impressive showing! Love the fact you did limbers for the guns.

  4. Excellent looking force and in quantity!

  5. My word Tamsin, you do have an amazing collection.

  6. Lovely photos. I always find your posts a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing your armies.

  7. Lovely photos. I always find your posts a great inspiration. Thanks for sharing your armies.

  8. Really fantastic-looking army - stunning work!

  9. @ Vexilia - thanks! The army grew over a few years (although I haven't added anything for a year and a half). Funnily enough, I was originally doing it as Danes (reminder - must do some Danish marines...) and made up a bunch of humorous pastry-based flags :)

    @ Nathan - cheers! Now, you see those shiny 30YW figures on that company's website - buy and paint them! :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! I don't think the limbers have even been used once in games, but it's good to have the option :)

    @ Adam - cheers! :)

    @ Chasseur - thanks! :)

    @ Michael A - cheers m'Lord! :)

    @ Jon - thanks and you're welcome :)

    @ Pawn Cocktail - cheers! :)

    @ Miles - thanks! :)

  10. Super looking army! So varied and colorful.