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Friday, 15 April 2016

Salute 2016 and Giveaway Reminder

"Wargamers, Sah, farsands of 'em!"

Yes, just one day to go until several thousand wargamers descend on the plucky defenders of Excel Drift for the annual pilgrimage to Salute.

At 1pm there will be the (now) traditional Bloggers' Meet-Up in the middle of the hall - see the pic below; meeting point is the red circle.

I do have a list. I've checked it once and I've checked it twice. I also know that I've been naughty and nice. So, I should be returning home laden down with plenty of goodies. Some of them aren't for me - I've agreed to pick up some things for other people.

I also want to remind people about my 4th Blogiversary & 500K Hits giveaway. If you haven't already entered, there's still time as I won't be doing the draws until Monday evening (UK time).

I also want to note that some people who entered before my clarification may have been confused by the rule where I said "only one entry per person" and only selected one option. What I had meant by that is that people wouldn't get bonus entries for promoting the giveaway, and each name would only appear once for each prize they wanted to be entered for (if they wanted to be entered for more than one). Once someone has won a prize, their name will be removed from the lists for subsequent prizes.

So, if you left a comment before the clarification I posted and actually wanted to be considered for more than one prize, but only put down one, please feel free to update your entry with the other prizes you want to be in the draw for by replying to your original comment.

Builders Update

They're almost finished. Probably tomorrow (errmm, yeah, probably Monday if you include all the cleaning up after themselves - like removing splats of plaster from the glass in various windows, clearing the ceiling rubble which got trapped between the radiator and wall in my lounge, cleaning the new carpet in my lounge where black dust from the ceiling rubble dropped onto it when the radiator got knocked, cleaning paint/filler/plaster off furniture, cleaning up all the dust in the communal stairs...). 

Now, you may be thinking that surely they should have been done by now. Well, the few little extra bits I was getting done apart from the ceiling replacement sort of turned into getting most of the flat redone.

That means that next week will probably be spent getting my painting room back in order, as well as my lounge, kitchen and bathroom.


  1. Enjoy the show - I failed yet again to arrange my business schedule to be over there for Salute. Please think of me being there for the blogger meetup

  2. I can't make it so I will just have to wait and see the show reports. (And the swag) have a great day and enjoy the show.

  3. Well I hope to see you there, but I hear that the traffic network is up the spout a bit, bus replacement on the DLR? Managed to get away from the dentist today with less treatment than I feared so the pocket money for the day is in better shape!

  4. Enjoy Salute. I still have hopes of getting there one day - I hope it is still going in 20 years time!


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