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Friday, 1 April 2016

AHPC6 Entries - Pulp Fiction

For the third installment of this thrilling series, we now move onto my Salutesville submissions.

There were three entries, two were my 2nd and 3rd entries, the third was my final submission. Bookends if you like.

Any good game set in the Prohibition era needs some collateral damage civilians to provide soft cover restrict line of sight, provide plot points or just be present as scenery. So, my first two submissions were some civvies from Blue Moon.

Tamsin Hams It Up

The Other Half of The (Non)Dirty Dozen

Cut That Bulls...

My closing submission, and the third of this theme, was this set of four officers from Salutseville City Penitentiary. The figures were cops from Cop-plestone (sorry, couldn't resist!) Castings. I had originally planned to add them to my Salutesville's Finest mob, but I realised that the uniform style was a bit different, so they wouldn't fit in.

That got me thinking about what I could use them as and potential scenarios, leading to me deciding to make them prison officers - after all with all the crime gangs and an aggressive police force, there are always going to be some hoodlums finding themselves in the clink. That left me deciding on what colour to paint the uniform. It couldn't be blue, so the most obvious choices were grey and green. I went for the latter and I'm glad I did. I may use grey uniforms for some other armed officers - court staff or perhaps county mounties/state troopers.

I've got another four of these round-up posts to do, so this series will probably take another week to show everything.


  1. The screws were exceptionally good work!

  2. Top work Clint, are you sure the prison officer chap isn't a secret nazi escapee, he certainly looks the part?

  3. I do like the green colours for law enforcement. It still looks "right" but is a nice change from Blue! Pulpy Goodness.

  4. Great figures, all really nicely painted.

  5. Great looking characters, Tamsin. Love the variety of the Prohibition range.


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