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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

AHPC6 Entries - Mexicagrave!

A return to 28mm for this summary post and the first handful (or so) of figures for my Mexicagrave project.

I entered the ball court with these eight low-level warriors or priest-warriors:

Aztec warriors and priest-warriors gained recognition and rose through the ranks by capturing enemy soldiers for sacrifice at the temples. Those who captured an enemy were given a shirt of padded or quilted armour and gained certain other rights.

The next batch were some two-captive warriors in the Huaxtec suits:

I got all catty for my third Mexicagrave entry - some Jaguar Knights and a pair of cougars/pumas:

To become a Jaguar Knight you had to have captured four enemies in battle. This was one way for a commoner to raise his family to the junior ranks of the nobility. The Jaguar Knights became full time warriors, acting as police in the cities and providing escorts for merchants, the tribute trains and for diplomatic missions.

The cougars are there to hunt virile, muscular young men...

The fourth entry was some more wildlife to prowl the lost city - a pack of wolves:

My fifth batch of figures was four priest-warriors:

I'm not sure about the back-banners - they are a bit weak and could end up breaking during games. I might go back and reinforce them with a short piece of wire.

The sixth and final Mexicagrave submission was some more wandering monsters - a horde of ghouls!

"Why twenty of them? You don't need that many for Frostgrave" you might well ask. You see, I'm thinking of replacing skeletons and zombies with them for my setting. Mind you, I do have some plastic and metal skeletons on the shelf, so the ghouls might just replace the zombies.

I have bought some reinforcements which I'll paint up at some point in the next couple of months.Not to mention some more wildlife - bears, crocs, vultures, coyotes, some more felines and a few other things.


  1. I remember my foray into Aztecs with fondness, good work cailin!

  2. Inca's are colorfull indeed and you did a great job on them!
    One of the priest looks like he is wearing an American flag on his back! ;-)


  3. Great brushwork. Love the colorful Aztecs types.

  4. Nice paint job. It brings out thier character. I didn't know that about the priests and jaguar knights. I had a regular opponent who's jaguar knights used to regularly chop me up. Know I know why.

  5. @ Ray - cheers! :)

    @ Michael A - they are indeed! :)

    @ Gordon - thanks! :)

    @ Francis - cheers big fella :)

    @ Peter - thanks! I think all the meso American peoples were quite colourful in their battle attire (at least the upper ranks were) which is why they are quite fun to paint :)

    @ Markus - cheers! :)

    @ David - thanks! I think the colourful suits were just a good excuse for them to keep lots of exotic birds to provide the feathers :)

  6. They look even better on the same page, Tamsin! I'd like to see them in a game now with terrain! ;)

  7. Seriously, they all look great.


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