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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Two Weeks To Go

Entries to this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge are now closed and I believe that 85 individuals will be sectioned alongside Curt in the madhouse for 3 months. We still have 2 weeks to put our affairs in order and say goodbye to our loved ones before the men in white coats (or black/blood red/purple hooded robes) drag us off to the asylum.

For me, those 2 weeks will mostly involve getting my painting station in order following my ceiling collapse. The past few weeks have seen me slowly filling boxes with books, files, CDs, DVDs and such-like from my living room until I ran out of space for storing them until I had enough to make it worthwhile hiring a man-with-a-van to shift them to a self-storage locker. I got that done this morning and then set about moving my painting desk and the bookcase I use for storing painting & modelling materials into my now-almost-empty spare room, along with my TV stand. Due to a lack of space, I will be sharing my painting space with my computer space.

My task for the next few evenings will be to get everything sorted, whilst also packing up some more stuff from my living room. I also need to order a few bits and bobs for use during the Challenge.

So, what are my plans? Well, first of all I have a couple of character figures to paint over the first couple of days before I head out of London for Christmas. Once they are done, I'll be working on my 6mm Confederates. Mostly because they are already primed, unlike the rest of the figures I'm planning to paint.

OK, so what are the other figures then?

All sorts. A lot of my lead/plastic/resin has gone into the storage locker, and there's some more still to take. That still leaves me plenty to knock out during the Challenge, especially as my target this year is just 1000 points.

1000 points?

Hey - I'm allowed to take it easy once in a while!

So, the other things (in no particular order)

1. Seven Years War 15mm Russians
2. 15mm Koreans - some more regulars, some irregular cavalry, some regular light horse and a good sized mob of Righteous Army.
3. 15mm NSL - a load more hover vehicles and some more Power Armour troopers.
4, 28mm Aztecs (plus some wildlife) for my Mexicagrave project
5. 28mm civvies, cops and gangsters plus boats for my Mob wars project.
6. 25mm figures for my Car Wars project
7. 15mm Crusties
8. A few odds and ends, including some early/mid 1980s Citadel fantasy figures I found while shifting bits today

I've actually got more figures available than I need for 1000 points, so some of the above might not get painted. We'll just have to wait and see. If things are going well, I might raise my target, but I don't plan to go to the same crazy levels as I did the last couple of years.


  1. I'm sure you'll smash the 1000 mark Tamsin!!! Good luck!

  2. That's an impressive load of painting you've listed - looking forward to your painted offerings. Should be another interesting challange.

  3. Oooh, 15mm SYW Russians? Those are on my list too!

    I assume you're tackling the infantry after last challenge's cavalry?

  4. Very impressive. I like the new painting station

  5. Well, good luck, but you know mental health services are being cut, don't you?


  6. You're definitely a competitor to watch, Tamsin. Best of luck!

  7. Good luck Tamsin, 1000 is a breeze for you!

  8. Loking good. glad things are sorted. See you at the front

  9. Good luck in the painting challenge Tamsin. 1000 points seems easily achievable for a woman of your calibre so I know it will be a good thousand points.

    As for the above list The NSL appeals most to me. But as I have NO idea what I will be painting I can only wish you luck with them.

  10. That's a mighty clean painting area, looking forward to your trashing it with work :-)


  11. 1000? Sounds like a lot to me! Good luck with it

  12. Looks like an impressive list to me. Best of luck

  13. Well that's all looking extremely well organised! I love how a 1000 points is taking it easy, I'll be lucky to get there myself - but it should be fun trying.

  14. And here I am agonising over 200 points as a debut target...

    I'm sure you'll ace 1000 and then some!

  15. Sounds like a good and promising plan.
    Good Luck, Thamsin!

  16. That disturbingly organised area needs to be trashed immediately, well after December 20th anyway :-)
    Good luck and Im looking forward to watching your Rebel Army develop in the next few months!

  17. Looks like I beat Dave here! Prepare yourself to be trash talked over "taking it easy" :-)

  18. @ Ray - hopefully you're wrong and my plan to take it easy this year will be successful! ;)

    @ Dannoc - an impressive list, but probably not all will be painted. It's definitely going to be interesting this year with so many participants :)

    @ Robert - oh dear; I may have to shunt mine to the end of the list so that we aren't duplicating each other :p
    I actually did a mix of cavalry and infantry (& artillery) last year. This year will be more of the same :)

    @ Miles - thanks. It's looking far too organised at the moment; I'll have to do something about that! ;)

    @ Gary - I do, I do. Sad really - we'll have to self administer our medication :o

    @ Michael P - Unfortunately I believe that watching me this year won't be much fun, what with my low points target and the fact that the bulk of my early entries this year will be little grey & brown blobs ;)

    @ Francis - it should be a breeze, but I think it's realistic for this year :)

    @ Martin C - cheers! See you in between the trenchlines :)

    @ Clint - as I've said, the 6mm Rebs come first so I haven't a clue what will get painted after they are done. Probably the Aztecs as I am in the Native Americans side-challenge. It's quite possible that that will be all that gets painted, so the NSL may not appear :)

    @ Ian - I can't trash it too much as it's also my computer desk! ;)

    @ Phyllion - well, if I was doing 15 highlighting steps on every detail of the figures like you do then 1000 points would be ambitious! ;)

    @ Paul S - an impressive list but it's quite likely that most of it won't be making an appearance :)

    @ Michael A - ahhh, but I'm not painting to such a high standard as you and certain others which means that it doesn't take me anywhere near as long to paint each figure :)

    @ Evan - if I ace 1000 points, then my plan to take it easy will have gone to pot... ;)

    @ Stefan - thanks! :)

    @ Paul O'G - look, just because I'm a punk rocker doesn't automatically mean I want to trash my painting area! ;)

    @ Millsy - trash-talk away. I've got my plan to take it easy and I mean to stick to it :)

  19. My paint zone is a mess of plastic. Going to be great to get some paint time. cheers

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