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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Challenge Day 8 - I'm Back!

Well, that was a refreshing break away from the Smoke. Since my departure, my third Challenge entry got posted - another six citizens of Salutesville.

I've decided that I won't do separate posts here for the rest of my entries; no point repeating myself. I'll just post a group pic and the link. the figures are 28mm from Blue Moon.

I did have fun painting these, particularly the two young ladies about town. I need to find a poodle for the one in red, following Curt's comments.

So, now that I'm back home what are my plans? Well, all being well, this evening I will start work on a couple of character figures. I will probably only get the basing texture added and maybe re-prime them.

tomorrow I want to do some work on my Nostalgia round entry. You won't see any WIP pics of it as I need to keep it under wraps for now.


  1. Lovely work. Hope you had a lovely rest and looking toward to seeing the rest.

  2. Great work - how are your 6mm rebs coming along?

  3. Good to have you back and very nice too Tamsin.

  4. I did like these, lots of character.

    I finished my nostalgia entry last night LOL


  5. Welcome back

    Hope you had a good couple of family days.

  6. @ Herbert - thanks! I dd have a good rest :)

    @ Miles - cheers! The Rebs haven't been touched since I did the grey basecoats :)

    @ Michael A - thanks and thank you! :)

    @ Whisk - well, if I get round to it... :)

    @ Ian - cheers! Looking forward to your Nostalgia round entry :)

    @ Clint - thanks and I did :)

    @ Simon - cheers! :)


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