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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Challenge Day 11 - Rebs Day 1

I've had a busy few hours so far today, doing the non-uniformisation of the 6mm confederate infantry. Three different browns (Brown Sand, Beige Brown and a mix of English Uniform/Beige Brown) and two different greys (Neutral Grey, mix of Sky Grey with a dash of Field Blue) used on the rank and file, Dark Bluegrey on some of the officers and finally a few rankers in Sky Blue trousers "seceded" from Union casualties.

Working with one colour at a time, I resorted to the trusty method of rolling dice to randomise the mix - for each group of 24 (or 16 for the final skirmishers) how many jackets and trousers in each colour and then which figures would get them.

I think it's provided a good mix:

Some close ups of one stick to show the colour mix a bit better:

Tonight I'll be painting the strip bases with Burnt Umber; a tedious task, but the sooner I get it out of the way, the better.

Tomorrow morning I'll be doing the musket stocks and barrels, then in the evening I'll do faces, hands and hair. If I get time, I'll do the hats as well although it is New Years Eve so I might not.

That just leaves the fiddly bits - belts, straps, bread bags, water bottles, blanket rolls and drums - to paint.

These are going to be my one and only points bomb of this Challenge.

I also need to finish off my entry for the Nostalgia theme round as that has to go in this weekend.


  1. I do not envy your job ahead... that's a brutal collection of popsicle sticks you've got there!

  2. Nice progress. I admire your patience!

  3. Very nice, although I think you'll find the dirt under their fingernails is a little too dark for the Wilderness...
    ; )

    Great work, Tamsin, I don't know how you do it!

  4. So many and so small, I don't know how you do it!

  5. Great progress

    I expect to see the pinstripes on the pants of your LA Tigers!


  6. I have a points bomb in 6mm but it's half your size LOL

    I also need to finish the basing on my Nostalgia, I had better get cracking


  7. I know I said it last year! But I MUST take inspiration from this project and get my 6mm ACW forces done! I really must. Looking at your work It really is helping to motivate me.

  8. Wow, that is a large crowd. Looking forward to seeing them finished

  9. This is great work starting up here.. looking forward to seeing it all finished!

  10. @ Ski - yup, it's a lot of work to do... :)

    @ Simon Q - it does take a lot of patience, especially when doing the fiddly bits :o

    @ Evan - and you think I know how I do it? ;)

    @ Michael A - nor do I, nor do I ;)

    @ Miles - no LA Tigers in this army thank goodness! :p

    @ Millsy - actually, I'd rather it was you than me! ;)

    @ Ian - your 6mm points bomb is 3mm? ;)

    @ Clint - indeed you must! Abandon all your other planned projects and do your 6mm ACW. Go on. Go on. Go on, go on, go on :)

    @ Paul - yup, 616 of the little blighters :)

    @ Kyle - you'll have to wait a week or two to see the finished batch :)

  11. Hi Tamsin,
    Have a most happy and game-filled 2016! May I offer a suggestion? Consider some of the Foundry paints for the project. Their ACW colors really work quite nicely and give even more variation to the irregular look of the troops. Also, if you are planning to raise the Corps of Cadets for VMI, they will be in a very uniform gray.
    And go for it boldly in any case. "Who dares, wins!"
    Jerry AKA the Celtic Curmudgeon