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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Challenge Day 10

No fancy subtitle today.

I have painted two character figures and submitted them. Hopefully they'll be posted in a few hours time.

Tomorrow I'm going to be starting on the 6mm Rebs. Well, the non-Zouave infantry at least. They are out on the table, ready for me to crack on with them. I've also just sorted out the various paints I'll need. There are quite a few as these should be much less uniform than the Blue-Bellies I was painting last year. To get a good mix, I'll be doing this stage in one go

This morning I popped to the Royal Mail sorting office to collect a parcel which I missed on Christmas Eve. It was a couple more nail polish racks for organising my paints. The 5-tier rack is for my Vallejo airbrush paints (as you can see, I've already put them in); the 3-tier one will be for current project paints.

I'm sure I'll get a little bit bored while I'm painting the little grey blobs, but I do have another character figure primed that can be painted up as a mental break. I'll just need to sort out the basing for the figure before doing the painting - I'll do that tonight when I finish this post.


  1. Cracking along we'll.. And the the racks looks just the job

  2. Nail polish racks. You are brilliant.

  3. My wife got me a couple of those nail polish racks for Christmas. They work amazingly well!

  4. The painting Juggernaut continues to impress. When you get supper bored with grey swap to butternut brown to relieve the boredom. You never now it might work! (No I thought not!)

  5. OK the game is on LOL, I make that 22 units of foot. I'm just working on three 6mm units at the moment


  6. Have fun Tamsin, I'm sure you'll knock the 6mm Rebs out in no time!

  7. @ Dave D - they do the job very well indeed :)

    @ Whisk - I wish I could take credit, but I "borrowed" the idea from someone else :)

    @ Rodney - I've been quite pleased with the ones I already had :)

    @ Clint - I'm doing the butternut, browns and a couple of different grey shades over the base grey on a random selection of figures :)

    @ Ian - yup, you can count! :)

    @ Ray - I reckon they'll be finished just in time for my first fixed submission day (next Saturday (not this one coming)) :)


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