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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Update

Remember I said I was going to leave the 6mm Union infantry as they were last night, then start today with the black? Well...

...I went ahead and did the black last night. Which meant I had an easy run today doing the rest of the colours. I actually finished them by early afternoon. Hot damn!

As with the previous batch, I'll wait until I've got the last two regiments painted, then I'll base them all up at the same time.

After finishing those boys, I took a break to sort out the army lists for my two ADLG games this week. As the Sarmatians and the Swiss are rather limited in their troop options, that didn't take very long at all so I decided to get all the figures I'd need out and put them in my transport boxes. And then I packed the Sarmatians and all my ADLG bits (rules, terrain, dice, measuring sticks) ready to go in the morning. And my camera, you'll be pleased to hear.

I then made the mistake of looking at my paint table and the Zouaves started hurling threats at me that if they didn't get some colour soon I'd regret it. Not wanting to be regretful, I exercised my discretion (being the better part of valour) and made a start, once I'd worked out suitable painting schemes. They are loosely based on actual Zouave regiments but fairly generic.

I've managed to get quite a way through them already - I'm clearly getting back into the swing of painting. One more evening should see them finished. This is how they look at the moment:


  1. Hi Tamsin,

    thanks for your great posts!
    good luck to your alpine " psycopaths " and your Bizz(s)armatians in their ADLG games, I hope they will do the job with their best doctrine " straight ahead and throw a lot of 6".

    All the best .


  2. You certainly don't want to go upsetting Zouaves

  3. Wonderful looking zouaves! I'm amazed at the detail you achieve with 6mm figures

    I will make sure to let you know the next time I'm in London!

  4. Really great figs and very industrious. Good luck

  5. That is going to be one heck of a Union army when you're done Tamsin
    Who is painting up all the grey clad opponents?

  6. She paints! Paints a lot! You must be pleased.

  7. Very glad to read that you're getting back into the swing of painting.

  8. You're definitely on a roll, Tamsin. I do like those Zouaves in red baggies!

  9. There's getting back in the swing of painting and then there's having the output of a small studio...

    Cracking stuff and astonishing detail for 6mm.

  10. Lovely work Tamsin. Hmm, this reminds me that I still owe you a command stand...

  11. Nice Work - I love the way the Zouaves put some color into the army :-)

  12. If you use antibiotics your Zourves will soon go away.

    Nice work on them BTW. I always get inspired by nice 6mm figures.

  13. They're so darned small! My eyesight couldn't cope with that size of fig, so well done you!

  14. My word, you've powered through them, great job Tamsin.

  15. very nice and the Zouaves sure do add a splash of colour.

  16. Nice work. Zouaves are always worth a place in an army. ;-)

  17. Just the thought of 6mm figures makes my eyes hurt. They look good, though!

  18. 17 comments? Oh well, here goes!

    @ thefrenchjester - thanks! Sadly, the Sarmatians didn't quite follow that plan. They managed the go straight ahead and engage part, but instead of 6s threw lots of 1s, 2s and 3s

    @ Zabadak - indeed, you most certainly don't! :)

    @ Miles - I thank Baccus for producing such excellent sculpts. They make painting 6mm so much easier :)

    @ Martin C - cheers! :)

    @ Paul O'G - 22 bases isn't too shabby, but I'm sure I'll find room for more in the future. Their opponents will be painted up by me - the plan is to do them during the Challenge this winter :)

    @ Robert - I does, I does! I am :)

    @ Whisk - thanks! But how long the swing will last is anybody's guess :)

    @ Dean - the fancy uniforms do make a nice change from the regular uniforms :)

    @ Herbert - I am my own small studio when I get going :)

    @ Curt - thanks! I'm also rather tardy in getting Dux his figure from our 1500 points race, so no worries :)

    @ Thomas - cheers! They do brighten it up somewhat. I'm a bit tempted to do a couple more (must resist, must resist) :)

    @ Clint - tried that. It turns out these are antibiotic resistant :)

    @ Evan - you paint smaller details on your 28s! So, 6mm should be no problem once you get your head around the fact that you aren't aiming for individual looks, but the group effect :)

    @ Michael A - I definitely surprised myself with these :)

    @ Dannoc - cheers! Who wouldn't want a splash of colour to liven up their army?

    @ Stefan - indeed. Even in armies, or even especially in armies, that don't have Zouaves. My opinion is that every general should have them :)

    @ Legatus - thanks! 6mm is easy - a big blob of colour here, a medium blob there, a few small blobs and a couple of lines and they're done. Well, OK, maybe not quite that simple and you do need some good brush control :)