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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sunday Update

I've had a busy day, but not got quite as much done as I'd hoped.

Fast 4WDs

These have had two coats of gloss varnish. Now I need to prep and paint the weapons, then I can do the final assembly. It wasn't worth taking a pic, so I didn't!

Enforcers (or "How To Make Hotwheels Treasure Hunt Collectors Cry")

Yes, the four "treasure hunt" Enforcers have been stripped and I've started repainting them. Before that I used the Dremel to sand down the posts, then tapped them. If you're wondering why the one on the right is upside down, well, I had a minor accident and snapped the tap inside the drill hole.

Bodies primed
Bases primed (no longer lurid yellow) 
Bodies sprayed with pearlescent silver
 Once the silver had dried, they got a coat of gloss varnish, then a light coat of hairspray - yes, I'll be chipping these.

Inserts primed - black over the main part, plate mail on the weapons
Two stages of "rust" with hairspray coats in between
Pearlescent copper for the  windscreens
Since taking the pics, I've done a black wash over the weapons. Tomorrow night I'll drybrush them with a steel colour then gloss varnish the whole insert.

I'll also do the top coats (red, yellow, green, blue) on the bodies and maybe do some light chipping. After that it's gloss varnish and assembly.


  1. Your collection of wheels continues to grow impressively, Tamsin.

  2. I have visions of the police coming around and asking if you have permits for all these dismembered cars - Tamsin's Chop Shop!

  3. Where are you storing all these cars? You really have the bug for this project and keeping very focused


  4. @ Dean - it does indeed :)

    @ Whisk - thanks! :)

    @ Gordon - cheers! :)

    @ Francis - thanks big fella :)

    @ Stefan - cheers :)

    @ Michael A - I have all their paperwork, honest Guv! :)

    @ Ian - mostly in some plastic boxes under my bed at the moment :)


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