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Monday, 28 September 2015

Monday WIPs

*twitch, twitch*

Something's wrong.

I know - she's posting on a Monday.

Something's very wrong.

It's OK folks - I'm not ill or anything. Really - just because I'm posting on a Monday doesn't mean the apocalypse is on us*. All it means is that I have something to post about.

*it may well be upon us, but that has no connection whatsoever to do with me posting on a Monday

Last night I was looking around for something to do while I waited for the basing texture on the 6mm Union boys to dry. That was when I remembered I had painted up those pound-shop gems for use as spikes in Car Wars. So, I thought "why not spend a few minutes to stick them on bases?". Which is what I did:

Looking at them now, they aren't very "spiky", so I may use them as mines instead.

This evening I've done the dry-brushing on the bases of the 6mm Union infantry. Tomorrow I'll do the flocking and (hopefully) add the flags.

After that I guess I really ought to resume one of the other projects that I stopped part-way through painting. I haven't decided which yet.


  1. "The blood shall turn to blood and Tamsin shall post on a Monday. It is by these signs that ye shall know the end is nigh" :0)

  2. Kabooom! That's an awful lot if mines!

  3. Bummer about the spam. Lots of great work going on. I too am trying to prep and power through a backlog of partially finished figures. Best of luck to you.

  4. Yes the do look more like mines than anything else.

  5. For a minute I thought you were going to start making your own Daleks.

  6. @ Anne - ahh, yes, Ruminations 12;13. An excellent quote :)

    @ Michael A - not that many really, just the 40 counters. :)

    @ Sean - the pop-up comments box seems to have stopped the spam for now. Good luck with your finishing-off project :)

    @ Robert - yup, much more like mines :)

    @ Joseph - funnily enough, when I looked at the pics I was thinking "hmmm, Dalek pancakes" :)

  7. Just looking at the pictures, I thought the same as Joseph.


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